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Ship Sheet?


Someone out there has surely done up a "character sheet" for T20 ships. Problem is, I can't find any out there on the net no matter what I search.

Can anyone tell me where to get one?
Originally posted by RickA:
Someone out there has surely done up a "character sheet" for T20 ships. Problem is, I can't find any out there on the net no matter what I search.

Can anyone tell me where to get one?
Do you mean besides this one in the flibrary? (Submitted by FarTrader.) Though I personally prefer to use the output of Falkyn's Spreadsheet as a starship form.

Hope those help.
Falkyn's work sheet is very useful, I've been using it for a while now. The only problem is that the print out is incomplete and doesn't really give me something like a "character sheet" for the ship to hand to the players (for example, how much fuel does the vessel hold?).

The TAS form Word doc will work, thanks. What I'll probably end up doing is designing a ship character sheet and posting it. There are so many things you need to keep up with on a starship, especially if it's got an AI computer which is essentially a new party member (has xp's, acquires levels in classes, etc). The AI computer is likely a seperate character sheet all by itself.

Suprised that there are sector and subsector forms, and detailed planetary map forms, but nothing for ships. Seems an odd oversight.
There are some for CT that could easily be adapted, in Supplement 13, the one about Forms. If you're looking at T20, I'd daresay you could use the blank form at the beginning of the vehicle/starship section, which has already been mentioned above.

However, I think you might be considering something else besides a standard form. So, what are you looking for, more specifically?

Well, something like the T20 Character sheet, for the ship.

Ships get hit in combat, so I'll need someplace to record damage. Ships have plenty of data as well for Agililty, acceleration, etc, need to be able to record that sort of info in an easy to find form.

Ships have weapons like a character does, so a good weapons list laid out with damage, base bonuses to hit, etc, would be a must.

Ships carry equipement around like characters do, etc.

Without adding in the extra complexity of an AI computer system (which has its own stats, actual character classes and skills and experience points) I find a definite need for a "character sheet" for the ships in my game. The standard form is fine for summarizing the ships run by NPC's in a pre-printed module or whatnot, but considering how much time at the game table my group spends doing things with the ship this thing isn't just a vehicle, it's an important part of the entire Traveller game.
Cool. What else do you want to put into it? What *SPECIFICALLY* do you want to put into it? If you don't make a list of everything you need, you'll be left wanting.

You have said you want a place to track SI, Agility, and basic weapons systems data. You'll probably want Computer ratings, Sensor and Communication system notes (might even include ranges), some area for programs installed and running (or a checklist you can mark off as needed, if you guys swap programs a lot). Oh, and you'll want a place to record damage, I'm sure. And probably a description.

What else do you want on this bad boy? Do you want to track basic crew skills to make referencing rolls easier?

Also, once you get your list complete, how long do you think it'll take you to create the ship sheet?

A couple of days messing with it in my spare time, I figure. That's how long it took for the 2nd Edition DnD sheets, 3e sheets, and other forms I've done in years gone by.

I'd have place on the sheet for all ship statistics, including com range, sensor range, etc. Putting the crew skills in relation to specific tasks is a good idea, hadn't thought of that. Or instead you might simply put the ships modifiers so that you can just ask the player at the moment "what is your t/sensors?" and not have to dig for any mods the ship/equipment provides.

How big a sheet, that's always the rub. I remember an 8 page 2nd Edition DnD sheet we did. My brother and I thought it was a masterpeice but it didn't suit everyone's playing style, heh. So compact and concise is important as design elements. That's what takes time.

Computer programs and whatnot... I'm suspecting that the danged computer is going to need it's own sheet frankly, judging from what my wife and I went through yesterday evening trying to assemble a computer for her new ship.
As we're still new on T20 I'll probably go over this with my wife tonight (she plays the captain of the ship so is fairly involved in what is needed in a ship sheet) and see if we can come up with a list of features this sheet will need.

Dangit, was assuming that someone had already done this, lol.
Double Dangit, I wish I had ;)

I, and others, have long treated the player's ship as a special NPC, investing a "personality" in it even if it wasn't AI. It seems none of us made the logic leap to actually make a "Character Sheet" for our favorite NPC, D'OH!

Looking forward to the results. Kudos and thanks to you and your wife

As an aside, the rules for building computers doesn't mesh with the starship design, so just use the figures in the starship design sequence and that will clear things up immensely for you.

Hope that helps,
Aye, Flynn, we almost gave ourselves migraines trying to figure out why the ships computer was apearantly a "Master" 3 and how much bigger in volume for the ship design would an "Expert" 3 be? :( I felt bad after we finally came to the conclusion, reluctantly, that the computer design sequence just didn't seem to be related to much else in the "Design Sequence" chapter of T20.

As soon as I get a good Ship Sheet initial form done I'll post it and have you guys review it for what might need to be added or changed. Give me a few days.
Jen and I spent about 3 hours working on this last night, got more or less a layout done. Perhaps tonight I'll sit down with Excel or Word and build it.

It's quite difficult considering how new we are to T20. There are a lot of mechanics you need on a character sheet and without a profound understanding of ship combat (for example) it's difficult to know what ought to be right there on the sheet. We'll see how it stands up to peer review here.
Thank you Flynn, I'll look at that this evening.

We've already decided that in addition to the front/back one sheet "Ship Character Sheet" that there is a need for a combat sheet as well. If for no other reason than to track those EP and PP allocations round by round.

I'll look at that sheet and see how it presents the stats for the ships and see if I can improve our design from it.
There are a few changes that need to be made to the cheat sheet, mostly minor rules questions and such, but it should cover everything you need to run a basic space combat and thus obtain the info you are likely to need for your Ship Sheet.

In Service,
Before I crash the ship and maroon my players we are going to finish this project. Unfortunately our MMORPG guild has been sucking up a significant portion of mine and my wife's time the last few weeks. /sigh/

Too many hobbies, not enough hours in the day.
Thanks for the update, glad to hear you're still thinking about it. I think we are all in that imbalance of fun vs sleep a lot of the time
If only somebody would pay us to play huh ;)
Done with ship sheet itself. It's now in .pdf format. One thing we found out is that the ships computer simply must have its own sheet.

Don't view this as an overt complaint, but the complexity of the ship computer system in T20 coupled with the complexity of round by round power allocation means that ship combat is VERY hard to referee. Especially with the utterly inadequate information given in the modules and whatnot.

Look at any ship layout in a module. Do ANY of them tell the referee what the gunnery bonus is for the gunners on the ship? How about the Captains Leadership skill ranks? Or even information like what programs the computer can run?? You get the easy information: tonnage, hard points, hull points. Big damned deal. That's maybe 20% of the data needed to use this ship in a combat against the PC's. :(

Anyhow, the ship sheet plus the upcoming computer sheet hopefully are comprehensive and usable for actual ship records in T20. Maybe I could put the .pdf up on my website for folks to download and critique?