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Ship of the Week


SOC-14 1K
Designed with Andrew's excellent program, a destroyer for anti-piracy patrols, show the flag in backward systems, and general all around workhorse.

Ship: Richard Cochrane
Class: Julius Caesar
Type: Destroyer
Architect: Murph
Tech Level: 15

DD-F5469E3-349900-75909-0 MCr 4,599.938 6.5 KTons
Bat Bear 5 111 4 Crew: 134
Bat 5 111 4 TL: 15

Cargo: 16.000 Passengers: 16 Fuel: 3,185.000 EP: 585.000 Agility: 4 Shipboard Security Detail: 6 Marines: 50
Craft: 2 x 40T Pinnaces
Fuel Treatment: Fuel Scoops and On Board Fuel Purification

Architects Fee: MCr 45.999 Cost in Quantity: MCr 3,679.950
Please, a ship named for a drunken layabout?

Alrignht, when he was younger he commanded a destroyer, but he never was promoted to Captain. Since then he has taunted Navy security and done a number of questionable things, some associated with mass casualties. Imperial Naval Intelligence won't let him be arrested, but is that a recommendation?

His associates are notorious for suppressing investigations into their activities. His best friend is a hedonist who escapes routine prosecution by his extreme wealth. And there is Cochrane lying drunk in a beach shack, unwashed and unshaved. And the randy old bugger has two "daughters" who lived with him as teenagers and one he is bringing up from infancy, for who knows what purpose.

It must be a different Cochrane.

Uncle Bob, AKA "Dick Cochrane"
Nope, same Cochrane who won the SEH. Remember Bobbsky that your "daughters" commanded this ship for a while. Besides the "Club" was good for something other than really wild drunken hedonistic parties. Lots of Nobles were members.
Originally posted by Murph:
Nope, same Cochrane who won the SEH. Remember Bobbsky that your "daughters" commanded this ship for a while. Besides the "Club" was good for something other than really wild drunken hedonistic parties. Lots of Nobles were members.
The SEH? Yeah, but he outgrew that phase.
IIRC, Annabelle commanded briefly. Marie was in the Marines, and last time we played we were still praying that Angela grow up to be just a sociopath, not a psychopath.
sombody please explain what this verbal exchange was all about?? sounds to interesting to let slide. i know there is a good story behind this.
Remember the C-4 Topiary? While Cochrane might have outgrown his Naval Career, his subsequent one was equally colorful. Besides, he EARNED his destroyer. Also he wasn't a drunk, he just used his scotch for local color. His shuttle business precluded being drunk, he would have lost his pilots license. I seem to recall that he was seduced by the psycho who got preggers with Angelina. His last two assignments were pirate hunting.

Ok, so I forgot about the exploding still, he still wasn't a drunk.
Sorry, we're off topic. Murph was my Referree when I played Sir Richard. Murph liked respectable characters who could grow into powerful NPCs. I wanted to keep playing Dick Cochrane so I developed some disreputable quirks, like being a lazy drunk. I took my inspiration from the movie "Father Goose"

He spent eight years as a Commander, mostly in command of patrols, and he did get the SEH but he couldn't make the promotion roll. And he did drink: his ships-boat island tour business was never profitable because he wouldn't fly drunk and he wouldn't sober up just for tourists. I grant he was not an alcoholic, and sobered up when the other PCs invited him onboard an "adventure." Although he still kept a whisky bottle full of ice tea to scare the passengers and officious port emloyees.

Annabelle happened because he was drunk, and her mother was a snob and a rich bitch but not a psycho (Annabelle got her violent streak from Richard, her hair-bows from mom). Marie was an orphan adopted after the "IBSAR" incident. Angelina was a cloned from a psycho criminal genius who we blew apart with a RAM GL. Fortunately she was running an illegal operation involving cloning at the time, and the automated cloning tank was right there...
AH, yes the IBSARS (Isolated Bands of Stragglers Along the Roads). IIRC, Cochrane consumed far more iced tea than whiskey. I liked Cochrane better than Kubachevsky, although the greased green snakes were fun. :D
Now if I could just remember the stats on Brad's 2,000 ton Burning Cross class merchant cruisers....
PPl who post a ship of the week should be required
to provide deck plans..... LOL Anybody with naval architecture one can designe a starship but only a true master actuley produces the deck plans....
uncle bob - in my vast years of experience - 55 to be exact - you just may be a very troubled person who is just very slightly "cracked" i like that in a fellow traveller player - you can be my ref any time. OR you could be my gloyious leader in a military expedition - im sure it would prove interesting but possiabily a very short one!!!
:D ;)