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Ship design philosophy


SOC-14 1K
IMHO the various stellar polities should have a different design philosophy. Not only when it comes to aestetics but also in weapons etc. From what I get from the books(1) and my own ideas:


Less crew comfort (bunkrooms, double cabins), more specialist designs (called a Battlecruiser navy a few times). IMTU I have the SolFleet consist of a core (heavy) fleet of J3/M4 battleships/cruisers with strong armor, large Meson guns, strong defence laser grids, some large "overwhelm and smash" missile bays and lots of small craft (large fighters) for additional missile support. The crafts have short operational durations (The SolConf is rather small) and less strategic speed than the 3I but carry more punch per ton. Ships troops are small and used for anti-boarding only. These ships will be high-end of their weigh-class

In contrast to these stand the raider fleets, faster (J4/M4), less armor, mostly beam-weapons ships for long range raiding and power projection. Main armament will be particle beams and long range lasers. They will carry rather large ship troops and some planetary bombardment capacities. These ships will rarely reach heavy cruiser (50k dton) size

Any comments/other stellar polities?

(1) I disregard BITS "101 Starships" since their ship sizes don't match with the sizes given in other sources, i.e their battleships are cruisers in Fighting Ships parlance