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Shapes of the interstellar society


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I know you are very busy with the finishing touches of T20. But, the TNE project still intrigues me.

If interstellar society could be equated with the Major Races in most versions of Traveller. What do you plan to replace it. From your description, it would seem like many tiny polities. Plus, how big is the playing space that you envision. The original TNE broke things up into: Regency, RC and Pocket Empires. You have already suggested that there is 4th Imperium, I trust very truncated and some role that Terra sans Children of Earth might yet play.

Is there any thing further we can help you develop? Come on, just give us a bone... Is there any overlap between your milieu work in T20 and your revised TNE?
Charted Space is fragmented into several smaller polities; most of the great monolithic powerblocs are now splintered into several factions (some fighting, some getting along and some seperated by Wilds). There are some distinct "regions" separated by wilds, with the odd "trade corridor" through them, and with room for player-created "pocket polities".
As to Terra, she has yet a role to play. But the main field of play is likely to be the borders of the 4th Imperium - not telling too much about that just yet.
The T20 setting is yr 1000 ish, so TNE (1248) will not be directly part of this. Overlap in terms of products is a possibility - it all depends on the reception of the TNE mileu book.
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by MJD:
The T20 setting is yr 1000 ish, so TNE (1248) will not be directly part of this. Overlap in terms of products is a possibility - it all depends on the reception of the TNE mileu book.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Excellent! After being absent for a few months I come back here and find there´ll be a D20 Traveller *and* a new TNE sourcebook. Way to go, MJD!

As for the further developement of the TNE timeline, I rather like Kafka´s `War of the Roses´ idea. IMTU, I found a different approach, though. I stuck with Virus, but after a few years, its importance decreases rapidly due to the self-destructive nature of the Doomsday strains. Shortly before the collapse, IRIS (Imperial Regency for Intelligence and Security, IIRC) "kidnaps" a highly modern battle fleet off Lucan´s Navy, withdraws into the Solomani Rim and sets up a secret base in order to rebuild the Imperium according to their directives (i.e. protect the imperium, protect the rightfull emperor etc.; can´t remember it in detail right now). Mainly due to their paranoid security measures, they survive the collapse with their base and fleet mostly intact and start building a pocket empire. They successfully hunt down most Virus fleets in their vicinity and make contact with the RC, who is then currently occupied with a war against the Soleeans. The RC and the IRIS successor state unite (with a few other pocket empires)and together, they manage to reinstate the beginnings of a fourth Imperium.
I realise this view is a bit personal, but since everybody´s throwing ideas around, I thought I might join in :).


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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Virus:
...I realise this view is a bit personal...<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

... and very interesting. I like that!