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SF Anthologies to give a Referee Ideas

Spinward Scout

SOC-14 5K
Hi Everybody!

I've been reading a bunch of Sci-Fi short stories lately, and I think that they would give a Referee a great many ideas. Most of these you should be able to get at your library, or you could order them. I'm sure there's a dton more out there, but these are the ones I ran across:

The Year's Best SF

First Contact
(not to be confused with the Star Trek movie)

Far Frontiers

Space Opera
(really neat about music in a SF setting)

Isaac Azimov's Aliens

Actually Isaac Azimov has a bunch of anthology books out dating back to the 60's & 70's - one (can't remember the name) with my favorite shortest story ever:

Science Fiction for Telepaths

Aww, you know what I mean.


Can't leave out the Fuzzy stories by H Beam Piper.

Try Laumers latest book, don't remember the title, but it had a rutabaga riding a motor cycle on the cover. Can't forget that @%@#$% cover. Several juicy ideas inside.