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Setting we would like to see

What are some of the setting hinted at in traveller history that are not developed? I think a rule of man setting would be cool. Could even add some familiar names to megacorperations. (anyone want a Boeing mark 47b scout?) There coud be pockets of the first imperium left. How did the solomani deal with Vargr, Zhodani and other aliens?
I'd love to see a "Long Night" setting. Sort of a retro-TNE, minus the virus. A decaying empire, abandoned colonies, and a continuing spiral into isolation and despair. Heh.
It would be a perfect setting for those wanting a "darker" feel to their game, and provide a deep enough time-frame for even the most daring campaigns to dwindle into insignificance.
I'd love to see a "Long Night" setting. Sort of a retro-TNE, minus the virus. A decaying empire, abandoned colonies, and a continuing spiral into isolation and despair. Heh.
What, like MT's Hard Times? ;)
Ok, if we are talking about another "large scale" setting I would like to have something about the Final War of the Ancients.
That might be quite interesting with all those god-like Mega-Droyne around, tons of gimmicks and abilities to remove a planet with a sharp look at a button.
Maybe a bit weird and extreme, but I would like to see that

And Long Night might really be interesting, too.
Malenfant, Hard Times is about violence/decay, the Long Night might be about low level but somehow stabilized environment, something like Mad Max in Space (?).


^ What about this for the Long Night setting? Instead of trying to be specific, be purposely inaccurate, with contradictions and controversy already built in!

Imagine a compilation of rumors, legends, myths, old Imperial reports, and historical treatises (by half-witted armchair historians) about what happened during the Long Night, all recorded from the stand point of after the recovery. The goal being to give the prospective GM lots of plot threads, red herrings, and open-ended adventures that he/she can utilize as they see fit.

Think about how our own Dark Ages produced the Arthurian myths as well as other colorful legends, all full of half-truths and ripe for exploitation by D&D enthusiasts. Imagine a "Myths and Legends of the Long Night" type suppliment, with stories of brave survivors trying to maintain order, vicious pirates, evil scientists experimenting in hidden mountain labs, barbarian warlords dominating systems from asteroid fortresses, treasure hordes of unimaginable wealth, and lost relics of high technology, all for exploitation by Trav enthusiasts.

The GM can decide how to use the suppliment. He/she can set his game in the Long Night or use the info as historical data in his campaign. The GM can fill in the blanks for place names or even change the names of important figures and excuse the errors as historic misconceptions. The whole thing could even be generic enough to cover all rule sets.

Some of the forms that this information from the past could take are:

- Local legends and campfire stories
- Noble family histories
- Sagas and myths about heroes and villians of the Long Night
- Surviving battle reports or unanswered requests for assistance from the Scouts or Rangers during the fall
- Historical analysis from rival historians
- Secret computer files recently uncovered by Imperial Intelligence
- Battle sites and derelict spacecraft (in space and on the ground)
- Lost colonies
- Sublight transmissions only now being received

This is only the first blush, the idea could definitely be better defined and molded into shape. All I know is I would write it for myself if I had the opportunity.
Imagine a compilation of rumors, legends, myths, old Imperial reports, and historical treatises (by half-witted armchair 4I historians) about what happened during the Long Night, all recorded from the stand point of the 4I.
this has potential. I like it.
Just a sample of what I mean:

The Steel Tower - During the retreat of Imperial law and the warships that promoted it, anyone with the means could become a king. Whole worlds were enslaved and exploited by those with the ships and weapons at their disposal.

One legend from <insert name here> speaks of a Solomani mercenary turned pirate, who landed his 400t cruiser on a secluded hill top and proclaimed himself lord of all he could survey. With the support of his troops and ship's vehicles, he quickly subdued the nearby countryside, forcing the mostly agrarian colonists into servitude. His cruiser became a make shift fortress, a tower of steel. From his fortress, he made war against other settlements; enslaving whole villages, and raping the land of its treasures.

As the years went by and repairs were less frequent, the ship's systems fell into disrepair. Stone and wooden palisades were erected around the hull for added protection against the occassional uprising or upstart. Eventually, the mercenaries, now with extended families of their own from local women, grew tired of their captain's rule and over threw him. The captain's last dying act was to destroy the ship's controls and engineering plant, leaving them all stranded on this forgotten world.

But the hull remained, gutted of most its free metal, and was used by subsequent warlords over the next hundred years as a fortress and treasury.

The ship and it's treasures may still exist. Some clues:

- Rumors are that several groups from the highlands of <insert planet name here> speak a strange dialect, strong with Solomani influence.

- Ancient laser cannon of Solomani manufacture have recently been discovered in the royal armory of the <insert noble family here>. The family intends to sell the artifacts as curiosities to bolster their waining finances. The ancient weapons have been in the family's possession for nearly 400 years, taken as tribute long ago from their holdings on <insert planet name here>.

From here the adventure could include some maps, deckplans, some colorful NPC's, and all sorts of red herrings and plot lines for keeping the PC's on their toes as they investigate the legend.

OR maybe rewind several hundred years and the PC's are part of the mercenary crew subjugating the colonists.

OR fast forward several decades from that and the PC's are children of the crew, trying to foment rebellion against the mercenary captain.

OR maybe the legends weren't true at all and the mercenary captain was really a hero trying to protect the colony from the real threat, a group of interstellar slavers. At a critical moment, when his commitment to the people was tested, his crew mutinied and his only recourse was to destroy his ship to prevent it from being used as a slaver. It's up to the GM to decide how or if to pursue this storyline.

It may sound very D&D-ish but I don't see that as necessarily a bad thing. Given a basic storyline though, any GM can retool what he/she doesn't like and add where it seems necessary.
The setting I'd really like is a non-virus post hard times setting, with the rebuilding of the 3I...

Either Lucan or Dulinor would hold capitol... (dulinor died on or near capitol in the OTU, killed by a combine/harvester taken over by virus. See Survival Margin.)

Bzrk might be persuaded to bring Antares back.. or perhaps his heirs.

The Regency, once contact was reestablished, would be nigh-on intellectually required to join.

Vland would be a fight. Probably one not winnable until much later... 1300 or so?

the restored core could probably bring back Margaret's holdings, and even gateway. The Solomani retake and hold the sphere...

A setting with frontiers, but ones with some knowledge of what you'll find. One with lots of wars, and even more negotiation.

PC's make big differences, especially if they work for the R3I.

That's what I've wanted since 1990. And, if I had the time, and the permission, I'd do it with a revised MT ruleset coupled to it. (Integrate the Gannon and friends design sequence options, fix some pen's and damages to match the striker conversions... But I lack both the license and the time. (Time for me is a summer thing...)