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Serenity RPG

No. To my knowledge, nothing of the sort exists, except possibly in Joss Whedon's head.

It does have a fair bit of information about the various planets and moons, though.

The new site with moving planets that presumbly will lead to different parts of the site, sure looks cool. Hint, Hint -> Hunter
There's a RPG for Serenity? Why not just use Traveller?
I wanted to see that massive stellar system and “adapt” it for use with my favorite science-fiction RPG! Knowing full well that coming up with an original sci-fi idea is next to impossible I prefer to borrow ideas form greater minds.
The Serenity RPG actually has some neat features. It's a more "cinematic" system than Traveller, but that's not a bad thing, just different. The character generation is interesting, and I'm looking for some spare time to play with the task mechanics.

It's getting good word of mouth at my FLGS (Friendly Local Game Store).

- John
map is on page 208 of the RPG. Not terribly comprehensive, as it's not labelled well. System appears to be a quintinerary system (5 stars!) Which would explain the wide hab zones.
I think the task mechanics are nice and tidy: one die for your attribute plus one die for your skill to beat a target number.

The die you roll depends on how good your attribute and skill is. A poor level is a d2, while a superhuman level is a d12, so you can roll from d2+d2 up to d12+d12.

So you've got d2, d4, d6, d8, d10, d12 -- six levels of attribute and skill. I imagine they're balanced by making attributes very expensive, and skills very broad.
Actually, Rob,, they can go above +d12
Point cost of atts = number of sides.

d2/d4/d6/d8/d10/d12/d12+d2/d12+d4 etc.

Skills same; skills only to d6; above that additional sides only in one specialty. Specialties require base skill at d6.

While Serenity doesn't provide for D2 atts, the parallel Sovereign Stone game did. Same mechanics.
That's a neat way to handle it, Chris. Thanks for that, and for the insights into the development process.

Regarding my earlier comment - there's a map in there? How did I miss that? I don't recall anything *I* would call a map... <curses having left his book at home, then curses the brain cells leaking out through the empty hair follicles>

- John
The best map of the system is in the movie, shown behind the teacher as she talks to the young River near the beginning. But the planets and moons aren't labeled.

But in that map, there appears to only be one star, with lots of planets in orbit around it. The teacher also says the system was "dozens of planets, and hundreds of moons."
Originally posted by Aramis:
System appears to be a quintinerary system (5 stars!) Which would explain the wide hab zones.
Now there's a star system I'd like to see Mal comment on! ;)

EDIT: That's our Mal, not Serenity's.
Originally posted by thrash:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by thrash:
The ultimate goal is a Celestia file that will depict all this.
... and here it is:


The stellar (.stc) file is pretty complete. It depicts more or less the arrangement I mentioned above, as of 01 Jan 2518.

The planetary (.ssc) file has all the worlds I mentioned above in their proper orbits, but the physical data are just placeholders. I still need to tweak the initial positions a bit.

If anyone is working on planetary data (radii, obliquity, etc.), I'd be happy to incorporate it. What would be really cool is if someone could recreate the planetary graphics from the chart (p. 209 of the RPG, or p. 12 of the Official Visual Companion) as texture files, to replace the ones from the Solar system I'm using as substitutes.

Celestia can be downloaded for free from:

</font>[/QUOTE]Oh wow... This is soooo cool even if it isn't done yet!