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SOC-14 1K
Society for the Eradication of the Psionic Abomination

(aka the White Khia Society)

The Society for the Eradication of the Psionic Abomination (SEPA) is an extremist organization that was born at the height of the Psionics Suppression. During that time, SEPA was one of the smaller organizations dwarfed by more mainstream anti-psionic organizations. As the controversy generated by the Psionics Suppression faded away from Imperial history, so did the mainstream anti-psionic societies. After all, there was no longer any need for such organizations: Imperial society had already developed a prejudice against psionics, and psionics had largely been illegalized throughout the Imperium.

The only organizations that remained were the most extreme orders such as SEPA. As far back as 821, SEPA has been known to employ the most violent (and illegal) methods to pursue or eliminate psionic practitioners. SEPA tactics did not stop at harrassing and pursuing suspected psions in positions of Imperial and local governments. More than once, SEPA-affiliated assassins and bounty hunters have been arrested or detained by Imperial authorities.

Nevertheless, the Imperium has difficulty eliminating a fringe group such as SEPA. How could it do so without alienating and angering the Imperial population at large? The vast majority of the Imperial population abhors or fears the (perceived) threat of psionics, and therefore give tacit approval to a fringe group such as SEPA. For this reason alone, SEPA is tremendously wealthy for an "extremist" organization, and receives donations and contributions from all over the Imperium. In turn, SEPA uses this income to fund extravagant operations such as the employment of assassins and bounty hunters, to bribe and buy out local authorities, as well as to line the pockets of its leadership, which now enjoys near-cult status.

In 963, SEPA had officially changed its public name into the White Khia Society. The old name was deemed as having served its purpose. The organization's tactics and charter remain the same, but the name change was done for public relations purposes. Ever since its transformation into the White Khia Society, the group has taken on a quasi-religious image. It's leaders espouse a doctrine of mental purity, and they demonize psionics as an instrument of evil and moral perversion.

The new name is derived from the khia plant (diantophyllus khiani) which originates from the Dagudashaag sector. The carnation-like white khia flower might resemble a lovely flower to most individuals. However a fully-bloomed flower will actively release microspores into the air. Scientific study has shown that these microspores act as neuro-fibrillators, and is disruptive to the part(s) of the human brain responsible for psionic activity. To ordinary persons, this has negligible effect. To a trained psionics user (or an individual with extremely high PSR even if untrained), inhalation of these microspores will almost always cause an allergic reaction, resulting in chaotic neural activity or neuro-defibrillation within the brain centers responsible for psionic abilities. The effects to a psionic user as follows:

Roll 1d6

1-3 Mild allergic reaction. The individual takes 1d6 hits to Endurance, lasting for 1d6 hours. PSR is temporarily reduced by 2 points during this time. The victim experiences a migraine-like headache.

4-5 Significant allergic reaction. The individual takes 2d6 hits to Endurance, possibly resulting in unconsciousness. PSR is reduced by 4 points during this period. Medical treatment or hospitalization is required to fully recover.

6 Anaphylactic reaction. The individual takes 4d6 hits as with normal combat hits (apply to STR, DEX and END). The victim experiences severe seizures, followed by loss of consciousness. Medical treatment or immediate hospitalization is required. If all three attributes fall to 0, the victim will be rendered comatose and will die within 1d6 hours unless an anti-toxin is administered or hospitalization ensues. Should an individual physically recover from this trauma, there is a small chance that the psionic strength rating will be permanently compromised. Roll a 2d6, on a roll of 11+, the individual's PSR is permanently decreased by one point.

Note that a filter mask (per Traveller Book 3) will protect an individual from inhaling the microspores. Lower-grade masks will not suffice, as the microspores are very tiny particulates even smaller than the size of a tuberculosis particulate. Many hospitals in the Imperium stock particulate masks which can also protect a user from inhaling this microspore.

SEPA assassins have been known to employ this flower against their intended targets. SEPA charters exist on numerous worlds throughout the Imperial core. Each charter is led by a Heirach, a demagogue often guised in the appearance of a semi-religious leader. The leaders of the Society are based in the Dagudashaag sector, where the Supreme Heirarch of the Pure Mind operates out of.

Due to the hostilities with the Zhodani Consulate, SEPA has enjoyed some small measure of popularity within the Spinward Marches. This is especially true during the times of the Frontier Wars. The White Khia Society seizes on the fears of the populace, and claim that a successful Zhodani invasion of the Imperium will result in their enslavement under psionic-wielding tyrants. The Society has a presence in other areas such as the Solomani Rim, Core, and Antares.
Originally posted by Maladominus:
The Society has a low-key presence in other areas such as the Solomani Rim, Core, and Antares.
Why just a low-key presence in the Rim? It looks like something which will thrive in the reactionary atmosphere generated by the SolParty, just like SSMM does.

All in all, I love this idea - and I'm probably going to use it.
Well I should have been more clear. This group's presence in the Rim is low-key *compared* to the Spinward Marches.

In the Marches, there is always the ever-present threat of the Zhodani invasions, and the fear of being overrun by the psionic-using Zhos.

In the Rim, there is no Zhodani empire threatening the region. And as far as I have read in the GDW material, the Solomani Confederation pretty much share the same disdain for psionics as the Imperials do (no more, no less).

But yes, you make a good point with the Solomani Party and their "purist" ideologies. So yeah, in places where the reactionary faction of the SolParty dominates, then the White Khia Society would thrive and have some influence, and they would be able to carry out their thuggery and other nasty activities in trying to hunt down and exterminate psions, which they consider a perversion to society.

With your feedback, I edited the last line to read:

"The Society has a presence in other areas such as the Solomani Rim, Core, and Antares."

I took out the words low-key, and now imply that they have some presence in the other areas. I leave it up to the individual GMs to decide if this presence is a minor presence or a major presence in those areas!
Then again.... you know, I would not be surprised if SolSec actually has its own (secret) Division of Psionically-trained Operatives. ;)

If this were the case, then SolSec might actually consider the White Khia Society as a nuisance.
Go see X-Men 3 this weekend and see if that changes your ideas on Psionics Eradication. Your ideas sound very similar to what I've seen of the movie so far.
One of the places where the Psionic charter was re-instated after the suppressions was on Terra. If there was one in the SM for the Zho threat then there must be some threat in the Rim for it to exist. I would suspect that psionics would be used by SolSec operatives and commandos. The Party and the Imperium cannot admit that there are psi's around but they use them.
Mal, I would not only add the political heat of having them in the Rim of SolSec versus the Imperium. T4's Psionic Institutes also mentions that the Vilani exiled most of their psionically active members of the population to the Rimward provinces. IW mentions something about cultural dissidents, perhaps some would be psionic based cultures. Furthermore, there would the residual heretics and revolutionaries who settled those worlds in the Rim trying to create a new psionic utopia.

Now this is the history, imagine what religions could spring up as psionics as divine given rites & rituals for a religious dictatorship. Weird cults that believe they are next stage of human evolution. Institutes that were designed for psionic sport. Now all this history gets White Washed by the psionic suppressions. Depending which milieu, you are playing in, the white paint is begining to peel off.

The Sleeper is now awakening. The White Khia Society is going to get alot more active in the Rim whilst dodging advancing fleets.