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Security Kits


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On this thread I've posted the following:

Security Kit (7) Cr1,750. A suitcase containing basic security equipment for two guards, including 2 autopistols, 6 autopistol magazines, 2 combination masks, 2 short-range communicators, 1 metal detector, 4 sets of handcuffs, 1 IR binoculars, 2 electric torches and 1 lockpick set. Weights 7 kg.

Any suggestions for a TL11 or later version of this?
Add a pair of Handcomps with HUD interfaces running a cutdown version of the Hijack program and a face recognition system with database. Body armor is a must (equivelent of Jack or better). A medical kit (at TL11 it should be pretty complete and automatic). Consider some non-lethal weapons.
Stunners if you allow them at lower TLs; otherwise a few cans of Mace/equivalent or Tranq pistols. One or two combo IR/LA goggles in sunglasses size.