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Sector Generator In Excel

I wrote this excel spreadsheet in a few hours that basically goes through all 1280 hexes in a sector and randomly generates a UWP for any systems that exist. I know there is other stuff out there that do a better job, but nothing so quick and easy to use. It uses TNE rules, with some options from GURPS Ground Forces, MM Imperial Squadrons, and probably another source or two I'm forgetting about.

(case sensitive, around 8mb)

Anyway, enjoy.... let me know if you find any bugs or have any input.... Oh, quick "how to":

The numbers above the table are usually averages, min's, max's, totals, etc....

The ONLY thing you need to edit would be in yellow, and thats the system density (Rift, Standard, Dense, Very Dense, Sparse - case sensitive) and Maturity (Backwater, Mature, Standard, Cluster - case sensitive).

Once you change those the spreadsheet updsates automatically, basically do *anything* and the entire sheet updates. If you like what you see simply CTRL-A to select everything, CTRL-C to copy, start a new workbook, then go to Edit-PasteSpecial and select Values only, then it becomes static.

Anyway, just a quick something I put together that hopefully somebody else will find a use for (I got tons of this stuff!).

Bad Syntax
Doesn't seem to work for me. All the cell values return a named range error (#NAME?) for some reason. Tried pressing F9 but no joy.

Have you got the arithmatic functions loaded on your version of Excel? I have had problems in the past where the "RANDBETWEEN" function wasn't recognized because the necessary series of functions were not loaded.

Go into your excel and try this command:


If you get a number between 1 and 6 (inclusive) then it is something else. If you get your #NAME error, then it is problably the function not being loaded.

If you need to download the functions, the easiest way is to go into the HELP area, ask about "RANDBETWEEN" and see what it pulls up. Part of the description will tell you how to download (for free) the necessary arithmetic functions. Takes a couple of minutes at most.

Hope that works!
oops, gotta go to Tools->Add Ins and select the Analysis Toolpack, then recalc and it'll work... sorry about that!

Bad Syntax
I use OpenOffice and most of the Field Armies yield Err:520. Squadrons and SDBs work, and some #TL10 #Colonial and #Imperial are blank (I suppose those are working correctly).

Internal syntax error
Compiler creates an unknown compiler code.

The cells that fail all refer to #BE (ANxxx) but I'm not gonna try to debug it.
Yes, that was it, Bad Syntax, thank you, it works now!

useful tool for making up systems on the fly!

You should post it up in the flibrary.

Thanks again!