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SDBs: any deckplans out there?


I was wondering if anyone could direct me to a site for System Defense Boat deck plans? I may need one for an upcoming campaign. Thanks..
You probably are already aware of these plans, but SJGames has one for the SDB. It's double-sided: one is hex, and the other is squares. Here's the link:

Dragon-class SDB

You can often find this on Ebay for less than retail -- and sometimes even as part of a "lot" of all six plans for a very discounted price...
Suplement 7 Traders and Gunboats includes the deckplans for a 400T SDB. FASA's Adventure Class Ships Volume 1 has deck plans for 2 SDBs (Though both probably don't properly calculate under HG rev. 2 and one of them definitely doesn't.) However one is Zhodani.
Wow. Thanks for the fast and thorough response. I think I have more than enough material here for what I need. Big ups to flykiller as well.