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Scout Ship

One word: WOW!.

Looks far better than any previous type of the Type-S (mine included), though I'd like to see a B&W version for printability. It is for T20 right?
I like the way three of the staterooms have sliding doors that go straight outside. No need to fuss with airlocks.

Ah ... so that's how you get rid of the problem passengers.

"Your complaint with your cabin has been noted, Sir. Will this cabin suffice?"
Greetings and salutations,

Or once everyone is in their Vacc Suit, "Smith, thank you for volunteering to go outside and take a look around."
The scout is for looking at on a computer, But I will do a fartLibrary B&W Version or post one up on me blog.

This is for anything, you can call it a donosev, a peanut wagon, what have you. I used t20 rules to make it, but just edited out the redundancies of the "Ship Card" stuff below the USP. Writing things twice is a waste of both space and time, so fft to that.

I also got rid of the "singly" stuff and just assumed that this is mass produced. We'll pretend I email in designs to the Shipyard at Sidur Ishki, and they crank em out and pass the savings on to you. And that's an "A" Class Shipyard, with TL F automated facilities. Shipping from the heartland of the Imperium is a good Idea. And a lucrative one.

This ship was an Experiment in design speed (It took me two hours from start to post)to test a deckplan icon format system im working on, and again going on the idea of making another option for a Player Character Starship. It was pretty late in the evening, so that's why Ozzy's Cabin door opens out into the black...

The whimsical addition of the Ground Effect Machine vehicle was a tip of the pencil to Arthur Clarke. A ten ton bay could hold all sorts of stuff.

This design is free to use. Go for it!