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Scout Crusier


I got this idea when on the perfect adventureing ship? topic (srry if not link don't know how to do) under the CT section.

one of the things that came out for TNE was an expanded space combat set called Brillent Lances. it also came with a bunch of new ships, one of which i liked which was the Scout Cruiser. what they did was take the head off of the Gazelle CE and swaped it with the Scoutship.

Now what ive been trying to do for a while is translate the Scout Crusier to CT and now T20 but im ecounteing difficulties. Another thing I want to do with it is spruce it up so it is acctually comperabile to the Gazelle instead of being 20% larger, have a higher crew capacity, and not even be on combat standerds with a Patrol Cruiser. (well maybe it was)

any ideas?