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Sazshar's Strikers


With thanks again to Scarecrow, for use of his wonderful Paper Minatures
Great stuff, but are these for a counter sheet, or are they meant to be stood up on stands? If the latter, then shouldn't they be facing head to head and mirrored?

Otherwise they're fantastic images
This is a "Squad Sheet" of personalites to throw at Players. It could be what you want. Scarecrow truly is a master, and all I am doing is making his Minatures into "People" with names.

I did an Aslan one recently as well. Look in the "Contact" Forum for it and hit it if you like. This is only a smidge of how cool Scarecrow's Paper Miniatures are, and how universally useful. All I am doing is using them as directed. They are in thier regular form intended to be cut out and used as minis.