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Saving T5 or How to make an old Traveller actually accept and like T5?

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As a personal opinion and not an attack - So far I find that most people that have issues the mechanics of T5 feel the idea is that T5 must be an evolution of CT and Mega and not a revolution which is basically what T5 is

No one I know that rejects T5 feels that way. Pretty much the consensus is of the 15 or so people I play with/know is that T5 was an unfinished manuscript. A tool box with missing parts, incomplete parts, inadequate documentation and needing more errata than any RPG in the history of RPGs. Still for me a COMPLETE mystery as to how any person in the universe could have sent this to the printers thinking it was a finished product.

Personally I was hoping for a whole new rules angle. Didn't get that either.
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