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Could someone help me, please? I don't understand how damage works (I know the game is quite old, but I'm a beginner...). If a character has unarmed damage 2 does he inflict two points or 2d6? And what about melee weapons? Does a saber inflict 2 points or two dice? Does strength modify this value?

A TNE character with an unarmed damage rating of 2 does 2 POINTS of damage per hit (see Unarmed Combat Damage on page 35 for an example of how it works. All weapons inflict DICE of damage per hit, thus the saber in your example does 2d6 damage. I hope this helps.
You know, that brings up a question I've had ever since I got the original FFS: In the instances of KEAP warheads and Lasers, there are two values: Damage (emphatically purported to be against "soft" targets only) and DV (which is used against armored targets).

Now generally, when I'm making a multi-cm gun, it's not going to be used against "soft" targets. But if it was, it would probably vaporize whoever it hit. The Damage and DV may or may not say that, but you get hit by a 1 inch shell and you're not going to wake up in the morning.

All right, so here's where it's really tricky. Say I'm shooting at some one wearing battledress. Let's say my gun has a DV of 10 (with pen1) and the armor is only AV6. So, that 4 points of DV that's left; what does it to to the meat-bag? Do I apply a 4/10 multiplier to the "soft" Damage and use that to hit the target, or do I use those 4 points in some other way, like maybe directly? (And if I do it that way, wow does that make the gun rather wimpy!)

Here's another good brain-buster:
I designed a 5cm rail gun with 40Mj of muzzle energy. When I push a TL12 penetrator through it, it makes a 1Gj PAW look piddly. WTF? Obviously this was flawed (and no amountof errata I have found fixes it right), but I did notice that FFS2 uses a different formula that renders mass drivers and CPR guns with similar performance values, and are substantially lower, so now I'm thinking all those hours (over 100 so far) that I've just spent making spreadsheets out of the FFS1 weapon design sequences has been wasted. (The piss-poor print quality of FFS2 reeeeeally pissed me off, and I haven't looked at it for years, till yesterday when I decided to see if the rail guns were fixed and the warhead weights were corrected..... They're not.

Anyway, I have occasionally attempted to revamp the FFS1 rules, cuz dammit, TNE ROCKS like a motherf.....!!! But wow are there a lot of errors to fix! If I didnt't have so many write-in fixes on all those pages, I'd probably scan the whole falling-apart book and make the official corrections and beg Marc Miller to let me post it, but I'm sure my scrawls would be illegible to OCR.

Ok, I think I asked a question or two.