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Ripley Aliens

I think you are looking for the Reticulan Parasite, described by Chuck Kallenbach III in JTAS 04, pg 28.

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I don't think that Predators would be an issue, either; just high-tech Battledress with nice vision-enhancement systems, chameleon camoflage and a shoulder-mounted laser (?) pistol/carbine. The rest is just stat and skill modifications, and a very ugly face and bad temper by Human standards.
As to warrior aliens, I am thinking about this

Number appearing: 1D
Type: Pouncer
Weight: 200kg
Hits: 5D/3D
Armor: Mesh
Wounds and Weapons:
>3D Teeth
>2D Claws
>3D Thrasher
A4 F7 S2

That's just make take on them today, after some consideration.
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