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Ride wanted, anyone going to space?


SOC-14 10K
Unfortunately I can't enter not being a U.S. citizen (grumble, mumble) but a lot of you here can, and I'll be so envious and thrilled if it's one of you lot.

So, if you are a legal resident of the fifty (50) United States or the District of Columbia, aged 21 or older, a U.S. citizens, with a valid U.S. driver’s license, etc., etc., (check the full details) click the link below and enter for a ride to space on Virgin Galactic.

And if you win I'll hate you till you tell us all the deatails :D

Dagnabbit, failed my license test! :mad:
:mad: :mad:
Originally posted by Jame:
Dagnabbit, failed my license test! :mad:
:mad: :mad:
Bummer, and double dagnabbit! It was you I first thought of, well after finding I couldn't enter ;) Ah well, long life and success to you and you can ride first class on the PanAm Shuttle instead ;)

If somebody doesn't resurrect PanAm to fly commercially to a civilian space station I'll be truly disappointed in our species.

Hey wait a minute! Thougt I'd do a quick google just to refresh the grey cells on when PanAm folded (1991, I was thinking earlier for some reason) and found this:


Seems it's not so dead afterall, that's kinda cool, maybe there's hope yet.

Just in case it was before your time and you have no nostalgia gene (like this crowd needs a clue
) I am of course alluding to the movie, nay, masterpiece of cinema, 2001: A Space Odyssey. But then like I say, most if not all of you knew that.
I, too have entered. I really hope one of us wins... heck, it would be nice if several of us won....
Virgin Galatic? Since he couldnt even get round the world sucessfully with a baloon I think space won't be an easy job for Mr Branson.
Yes, I hope a traveller player wins.

I really hope a trekkie doesn't win. :(
If a trekkie wins I'll never buy a Volvo again.