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RICE Paper UTP's And UWP's?


Anybody know where to find the complete code explanations?

The Freelance Traveller site has the legal, goverment, and starport codes defined, but I can't locate the Tech codes and economic codes. They don't seem to be at Missouri Archives or anywhere else that has a working link. Are they on the TML somewhere?

Is Jeff Zeitlin still active in Traveller doings? I'm working up some stuff that would maybe fit on his site when I'm done with it. He has the best site out there IMHO, for info and alternative house rules.
So, are you just looking for the translations of the UWP codes?

Most of those are in the various books.

Can you be more specific?
Originally posted by Cymew:
Thanks for reminding me of that great site. I'm afraid I can't naswer your questions, though.
I've gotten hours of time-saving stuff from there. And, no problem; I was beginnng to wonder if anybody was here at all. ;)
I was preparing a response to your post right after I responded to the previous poster, but thanks to the wonders of highly efficient, 'free market deregulated energy' the last few years here, we are constantly getting hit with rolling blackouts and other wondrous surges, for which they regularly increase rates, and I lost my post ...

Originally posted by RainOfSteel:
So, are you just looking for the translations of the UWP codes?

Most of those are in the various books.

Can you be more specific?
Yes, I'm aware of what the codes are, I just need to know what this sequence means:



I'm guessing the first two, DC, refer to high common and low common, respectively, but I have no idea of the sequence or categories of the rest of the string, re vehicles, electronics, etc. He has pages explaining the law codes, and government codes, but not the tech stuff, and neither does the Rice Archives, that I can find, anyways.

Heaven and Earth software can output the Rice Archives strings, a format I rather like for printing purposes, and I would like to know what the various strings mean. There's no help file explaining the format on that software.

If anybody knows where a comprehensive FAQ is on this, I'd be grateful.
It's from the World Builder's Handbook:


High Common
Low Common


Land Transport
Water Transport
Air Transport
Space Transport

Personal Military
Heavy Military

Novelty (import, local prototype, relic)
Ah, it appears that John G. Wood kindly posted the answer.
Thanks for the response, J. Woods. Those will work. It fits the HTML output version on H&H.

I was under the impression Zeitlin's was a home brew type thing that others adopted, as he doesn't credit the WBH, a product I don't have, given the other UWP and UTP pages on the Freelance site for government and law UTP's. But, the page I linked to was updated this year, I noticed, so maybe they dropped theirs and replaced it with WBH format? I need to get that book, I guess. I sent a couple of emails on the site contact links a while back, but got no response.
You're welcome.

The government and starport extensions are homebrews, but the WBH tech and law ones got used in all sorts of places.