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I always thoguht it would be interesting to run a campaign based upon a resistance movement. One of the major difficulties in Traveller is that adventurers must often circumvent the law to adventure, with the regimentation of the Third Imperium. This is why most adventures take place on the fringe, and as far as I can see why Megatraveller was created - to give the players a legitimate reason for fighting. A resistance campaign also provides such a reason - maybe fighting the Third Imperium,or fighting for the Third Imperium behind enemy lines. Blake's 7 would be a good example to follow in this - the crew almost seems like a Traveller group. It could work in any milieu as well. In CT, during the Fifth Frontier War, or anywhere where the Imperium is expanding. In Megatraveller, where the players are fighting a rival faction. In TNE, fighting the offworlders of the Coalition, or working for the Coalition in the Outworlds ( maybe from one of the original lost ships sent out - fighting to get home ). T4 is perhaps easiest - the PC's could be fighting for a Pocket Empire, attempting to liberate it from the new Third Imperium. The type of game is an interesting one that does not seem to have been fully explored in the Traveller universe as yet, and so I raise it for consideration.

I think this is an underutilized idea. The CT Imperium was kind of a decent place; it was so nice and fuzzy, why would you want to rebel against it? MT had some of the themes you talk about, but GDW actually had to have a leadership crisis to introduce them. It was not that the Imperium itself was bad. TNE and T4 definately held the Imperium to be the incarnate of evil, and I think suffered for it. No State is going to exist for 1100 years if it does not have at least some redeeming qualities.

I think a complex view of the Imperium, where it has its good points and bad points, would provide the best backdrop for the plot lines you suggest. IMTU the Imperium is arguably a necessary evil; it is sometimes cruel and arbitrary, but it is the only system which allows trillions of souls to enjoy (relative) peace and plenty. Then not only would the agents of the Imperium at times be acting justly or unjustly, but so would the different resistance groups. For example, some democratic resistance group might assasinate a noble who is a genuine benefactor of the poor. Along the same lines, the Marines could be sent in against a peaceful college protest.

I have just never liked it when the Imperium is portrayed as completely evil or good. Not only does that limit the possibilities, but it is not how the actual world usually works and realism accordingly suffers.