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Research online for Military costs


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Hello Folks,
I figured I'd add this thread here for people who might be interested in establishing a clearinghouse for data found on the internet. This thread is meant to include URLS for approximating costs for building military units or operating military units based on real life information. As such, I will start off with three URLS.

Cost of training Marines:


Health Care costs of Military personnel:

Recruitment costs broken down by branch:

I've noted that Chris posted a URL regards to naval costs in another thread as being:


It might be nice to have these URLS posted. I would advise people to do a "Save as" when viewing these internet online resources, as you never know when they might no longer be available...
US federal budget summaries & very detailed FY2006 budget & analysis are available at:


Most files are .PDF, but the are .XLS files to play with, too. Granted, you won't find the cost for raising individual units, but you get a pretty good appreciation for what it costs to field a large, modern, full-spectrum military force, and where the $$ goes. The presentation can be confusing, and you have to dig a bit, but I think it's worth the work.
Quick note: These tables are especially good for establishing personnel and "tail" costs--in the "tooth to tail" sense.