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Recruiting for T20 Striker Campaign

I am planning on running a T20 Mercenary Campaign in North Central Indiana. Starting shortly.

However since I can't seem to find enough people that want to play locally, I am going to use Screen Monkey to run the campaign live and on the web. (Though if all the T20 tools already exist I would consider GRIP instead.)

I figure the next two weeks getting the interface set up, to my satisifaction and generally getting things organized. Then a week or two of familiarization for the players, with the rules the interface and each other.

This will be generally weekly, Wednesday Evenings I was thinking about 8PM EST (CDT).
No response? Nobody wants to play in a Mercenary Campaign? Damn.

OK to play, here is what you would need. A web browser. Does anyone know where you can get one of those? (Explorer and Firefox work best but any browser will probably do.) Time to play on a consistent basis.

Newbies are accepted, in fact encouraged. After all running a campaign online is a new experience for me.

Drop me a PM here for details.
Originally posted by Bhoins:
OK to play, here is what you would need. A web browser. Does anyone know where you can get one of those?

OkOkOk... I'm completely unfamiliar with T20, and I haven't roleplayed in 20 years (except for arresting Dorotea for walloping me for taking her picture on the 'Liner)

I'm in for at least the first session...
I'd like to try the T20 Screen Monkey experience. Please let me know when you're looking at scheduling this, and if I need to install any voice software.

I would be. But I'm not playing with someone who'd take my picture...

Even if I were familiar with T20.
Hey, I'd be willing to give it a try. I'm new to the Traveller world but sure would like to give it a try.

I'll send you a PM.
Just reread your time frame, and I already have a commitment for Wednesday evenings. Sorry about that, but unless the day changes, I couldn't make it. :(

Happy Travellin',
OK, ScreenMonkey doesn't allow video conferencing, in the current version. So no worries about video. There is no voice module, but if there is serious interest in this being part of the gaming experience we could either find a way to use Yahoo Messenger or Roger Wilco. (Both are free.) I think, in the interest of the K.I.S.S. principal, at least until I get more familiar with the software at the start, we will dispense with voice.

Sorry, Flynn, especially since you work so hard at refereeing, and I know the feeling of wanting to get in and play occasionally, while I would love for you to be able to play, my current work schedule doesn't allow weekend evenings and is pretty much limited to Tuesdays or Wednesdays. However things are looking to change. Once my schedule changes I might be talked into an additional evening a week. But for now, since I work evenings, especially weekend evenings, I am stuck with what I can offer.
Hey, I understand that whole scheduling business, my friend.
Please let me know how this experiment works out, though. I've been interested in Screen Monkey for almost two years now (since I first heard of it), but haven't had much of a chance to get involved in a session or two and try it out.

Keep On Travellin',
Well with a little luck a virtual meet will take place a week from tonight. Organization, characters, etc. Also a quick overview of the software. (Got the bugs that needed to be worked out of ScreenMonkey, worked out, thanks to the nbos staff.)

To those that have given me an email address to invite you, watch for a test message before the weekend, and the actual message on Wednesday.

There is still room for a few more, so for those interested....

Well the game is on. ScreenMonkey turned out to be less than adequate so we switched to GRIP. (But ScreenMonkey turns out to be a very useful Rosetta Stone to convert Deckplans to GRIP, don't ask.) There is a limit of 8 when playing using GRIP but that means we have two slots open. (And you missed the teething problems of the software.)

So anyone interested in Wednesday evening T20 Mercenary action, drop me a PM with your email and get invited.
Well with one drop out and new software I have two openings in the Wildcats. (Potentially 3.) We have switched to Klooge and it is a wonderful interface. Mac, Linux or Windoze, your choice. I have a pair of spare licenses so you don't have to purchase your own license to Klooge, in order to play.

PM me for details.