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Quick NPC generator


Has anyone done a quick character generator for T20? I know there are some out there for D&D, but haven't seen or heard of anything for T20.

I know there are NPCs in the back of the T20 book, but I'd like to have more variety.

Thanks In Advance.

James / Nezeray
Not that I'm aware of, but if you write one up, please feel free to share it with us.

You might want to look up PCGen. It isn't what it used to be, but it might help.

When it started, you could write custom files for races, classes, equipment, whatever. And then run PCGen, and you build your d20 character in whichever d20 game.

Hmm, come to think of it, it was stuck on requiring alingment, so maybe it's not a good idea . . . <sigh>
There's a MegaTraveller Character Generator floating around out there, but you'd have to convert between systems...
Originally posted by Nezeray:
I know there are NPCs in the back of the T20 book, but I'd like to have more variety.
Personally I find the TA 76 Gunmen does the job quite well for mooks for T20. Normally I've only needed to create the Big Bads from scratch and those I'd want to anyway.
link to TA 4 page
All are covered at Green, Regular, Vetern, and Elite levels. Fold in Race mods if needed, swap out equipment, tweak to taste.

This might not map well, but you could try the T5 chargen PDF. There are 12 career types (so, roll d10+2 or 2d6 to determine the NPC's career), and each career type has a "quick gen" sidebar. It breaks down ages with ranks and the number of skill levels that character would get. Additionally, the sidebar includes a list of all skills applicable to that career to choose from.

It's halfway between 76 Gunman and actual chargen.

The PDF is here: