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Questions about the official T5 forum.

Blue Ghost

SOC-14 5K
Is the forum on the Traveller5 website an invitation-only deal? I ask because sometimes I can access certain areas, even get to a reply screen, but I can't actually post anything on the General Discussions section; feeback, wish list, etc.

Does that forum use the user names and PWs from this site, or do I have to reregister?

Thanks much for any assistance.
Hey Blue,

It's a different site altogether, with different servers, different owners and, therefore, a different access list. You'll have to register there to post there.

Ohhhhhhhh. OK

I actually did try to register, but it said that someone with my name and email address was already registered there. I just assumed it was my user name and PW here carried over. Huh.

Life goes on.
Huh, it stil says someone with my email address has already registered. And I still can't log in or post. Oh well.