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Question concerning character gen.

Hi, I am new to the boards here. I have been playing traveller sense when GDW was making the game. But on to the purpose of this topic. I have some concerns about character gen for T20. makeing characters in T20 I can have a group with characters level from 1 to about 8th.
I didn't find the diffrence a problem in earlier editions of traveller, but with the d20 system being a level based system. I am finding that the diffrence in starting level of PC to be a challenge to creating games for the group.
I was wondering if any of you have run into this, and do you have any suggestions for handling this. thanks
I use PC levels as a gauge to set a challenging adventure, making sure the villains are not more powerful the than the highest-level PC, and his minions or henchmen weaker than the lowest-level PC.

I try to get the PC involved in the story, make use of each PC's expertise.

Think of the way the starfleet officers in Star Trek functions on the bridge or on an away team mission, and the kind of interaction that goes on between the commander and his subordinates.
It may be a little late now, but giving your players a recommended level/age/terms range before character creation works pretty well. I told my characters to shoot for around L9. I ended up with levels 11, 10, 8, and 7. A 4 level spread is alot, but since the characters split XP earned equally (except for RP bonuses and such) the lower level characters will begin to catch up (though they will never completely catch up, the character levels should start to even out as the require XP to level goes up)

This approach may not work if any of your players are dead-set on a certain character type. One of my players really really wanted to play a young noble...but we convinced him that he might get bored as a L1 character when everyone else is around L9.
Thanks for the replies, I will have to look in your suggestion Vanguard, thats sounds like it would be the best way to go.
Now if i can decide what era I want them to play in I will be in all set