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Question: Bridge Space?


In the section concerning bridge space/cost for custom hulls, it mentions that half of the space could be used to underwrite such peripherial components as vehicle shops and laboratories. Does this apply to hulls based on the standard sizes as well? How does this process work? The entire bridge thing has always confused me.
It is very unclear - I don't allow for anything other than "bridge" from the 20/4 tons allocated.

In that Bridge section I include at least a seat or two ( One per "bridge" type crewman - so astrogators get one but Engineers don't) Internal passageways linking turrets/engines etc the "start up" life support (so that staterooms only have to add an incremental amount)

If they want more "useful" space than they have to pay for it.

Of course, the above is IMTU
The space allocated to "Bridge" in Book 2 and High Guard (and T20) also accounts for sensors and life support, as neither was explicitly mentioned in design. You can certainly spread the tonnage around the ship, however, simply by interpreting "Bridge" as "Controls" and realizing that there will be "controls" in engineering, gunnery spaces, and even attached to the computer. Sure the comp has a tonnage listed, but where did the floor space for the rest of the computer room come from? Without getting into a lot of double-think regarding hardware volumes vs. access volumes, just use a little "Bridge" volume for it...