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Question about design


What do you use to design CT & MT weapons systems? Do they reverse engineer devices created using FF&S1, use GGG, or something like it, or just wing it?
Depends on what you're building - CT does
ships quite nicely, and _Striker_ (CT) and
MT do vehicles and most large weapons; if you
want to do personal weapons then you need to
design them under another rules set and then
convert - GURPS, FF&S/FF&S2, G3?

FWIW, _Striker_ (CT) should be in the
Classic Reprints: Games book later this year?

Steven Hudson
The key to CT was the wonderful ability to Wing-It with Handwavium.

Since there were no rules at the time for constructing anything but statships and systems/worlds, all was open for the creativity of the GM. Since I'm far from a Gearhead, this worked well for me.

One of the first things I enjoyed seeing when it finally showed up was the targeting lasers for small arms. The first time I saw one of those I was in love. It wasn't long after that the first dual setting lasers hit my universe...

Roger Barr
Lucky Credit GM