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Query? T2000 vintage mini's

Border Reiver

SOC-14 1K
As I have been doing a huge clearout of games, comics & mini's on E-bay I uncovered a mini that I remember being an official T2000 figure. It is the female trooper from the cover of Free City of Krakow cradling an M16 and helmet slung at the hip. Does anyone know 'owt about this mini, manufacturer, other in series etc. Please help. :confused:
Grenadier miniatures made a series of about 8 packaged sets. They contained about 6-8 miniatures each. If memory serves me right, she came with the US infantry set. The set had some great minis.

A Rambo-type with an M-60
A female Medic
A female firing an M-16 with a RAW rifle grenade (GREAT mini)
and a few more.

They were "HO" scale though most listed them as 20mm. They were a small 20mm. More likely somewhere between 15mm and 20mm. They were designed to be used with the Roco MiniTanks ine of HO scale tanks (1/87th scale).

If you can find more let me know... Im always looking for those for the collection.