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Proto-Traveller Online Roleplay


SOC-14 5K
I propose a Proto-Traveller LARP based on the Proto-Traveller discussion in the CT forum. I've got a set of characters (and I'll admit, I used an MTCG program and modified the characters a bit) on a far trader. I suggest we take turns playing them, and roll up encounters and patrons for them and decide how they respond. Play will start on Cassian, in the Cassian Confederation.

Now, for the where I have the Cassian Subsector , which is for our purposes two subsectors exactly from the rimward edge of the Imperium, two subsectors or more spinward of the (quadrant-sized) Solomani Confederation and somewhere near the Aslan Heirate (which is at least three subsectors away and no larger than a sector or two). Earth is known, and part of the Imperium. Anyone interested?
Naturally, this will occur here in the IMTU forum, simply for convenience. Now, on to the main characters:

Dr. Felix Daley, Imperial Nobleman (42 year old ex-merchant). Pilot/Navigator/Owner.

Str 8, Dex 7, End B, Int 9, Edu D, Soc C.

Grav-0 Computer-3 Medical-5 Engineer-1 Admin-2 Pilot-2 Navigation-2 Commo-1 Broker-2 Trader-1 Laser Weapons-1 Bribery-1 Gambling-1 Vacc-1 Legal-1 Carouse-2
Cr120,000, Far Trader (40 year loan), High Passage

Jenna Emori, Solomani Female aged 38, ex-Navy Lieutenant. Gunner.

Str 6, Dex D, End 8, Int 8, Edu E, Soc A
Grav Vehicle-1 Computer-1 Mechanical-1 Dance-1 Lasers-1 Vacc-2 Zero-G-3 Admin-1 Commo-2 Gunner-3 Ship's Boat-1
Cr 50,000, 2 Middle Passages, 6 Combat Ribbons, 3 Purple Hearts, 4 Command Clusters.

Vijay Pilgrim, Imperial Human Male aged 30, ex-Navy E5. Engineer.
Str A Dex B End A, Int B, Edu D, Soc 9
Grav Vehicle-1 Computer-1 Linguistics-2 Medic-1 Laser Weapons-1 Vacc-1 Gravitics-1 Mechanical-1 Electronics-1 Engineer-4 Carousing-1
Ps1-6 Telepathy-6 Clairvoyance-6 Telekinesis-6
Cr 50,000, 2 Combat Ribbons.

Julian Stern, M.D. Imperial Human Male aged 50. Doctor.

Str 7 Dex 8 End 7 Int 12 Edu 14 Soc 8
Grav Vehicle-1 Computer-1 Mechanical-1 Streetwise-1 Electronics-2 Gravitics-1 Medical-8 Admin-2 Linguistics-1 Broker-1 Legal-1 Handgun-1 Liaison-1 Disguise-1
Cr 140,000, TAS Member, Medical Instruments.

Sephie Rei, Imperial Female aged 26. Ex-Army E5. Bodyguard/Steward Trainee.
Str 9, Dex 9, End B, Int 8, Edu 9, Soc 5.
Computer-1 Disguise-1 Wheeled Vehicle-1 Combat Rifleman-2 Vacc-1 Heavy Weapons-1 Long Blade-2 J-o-T-1 Brawling-1 Interrogation-1 Recon-1 Vacc-1
No credits.

Grouvrag, Vargr Female aged 28. Ex-Police Corporal. Steward.
Str 9, Dex B, End 5, Int 8, Edu 9, Charisma/Soc 5.
Grav Vehicle-1 Computer-1 Infighting-1 Energy Weapons-1 Streetwise-2 Steward-1 Vacc-1
Cr 7500, High Passage

I'll consider either letting everyone take a turn running all the characters and seeing what they find, or having a few people take one (or share one, but that's a last resort) and having others be the people they encounter.
Okay. Now, your ship is a Type-H Valkyrie class 300 ton ship named the Flowering Antlion, although Baron Daley has asked the crew for suggestions. You all are on Cassian, in the Capital City of Cazan. What do you want to do today?
Originally posted by Employee 2-4601:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by Jame:

Grouvrag, Vargr Female aged 28. Ex-Police Corporal. Steward.
Ex-Police? What chargen system did you use? </font>[/QUOTE]An MTCG computer program.