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Problems with standard designs


I just went through the standard designs and noticed how that all the designs provided had at least some level of strealining.

Some example on non-streamlined designs (at least one
would have been nice to include.

Well this means get to work and provide some, I hear you saying, I will.

Speaking of Standard Designs...(good segway, he?), can anyone tell me if the Standard Design errata that is available on the official T20 site was incorporated into the 2nd printing? I have gone through the regular errata (version 6 I think) and MOST of that is in 2nd printing, but I wasn't sure what was wrong with the Standard Designs that warranted it's own errata and whether it had been fixed in the latest printing.


BTW, I haven't played Traveller in 23 years and now my 9+ member group has strong-armed me into running it. Talk about trial by fire!
Smooth Greg ;) and welcome aboard :D I envy you for a real (though large) group. Good luck and have fun.

And you too Fu :D I guess I missed your earlier arrival/posts due to my sabbatical. It's a good excuse at least for falling down on the part time, when I notice, temporary fill in, and unofficial, welcome wagon job ;)

A broader range of design examples would have been nice but you might find some in the Fleet section. If not a design by you would be a most excellent addition.

The changes are supposed to be in the second printing but I've not seen it so I can't say for sure. However I think there were still some errors in the corrections that I asked about way back, I'll hunt up the question(s) and post a link here. Give me a few minutes

I think this is the one here Click!