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Problem with online order...


Not sure if this is the right place for this or not, but...

This evening I placed an online order for the new Traveller novel, Diaspora Phoenix, but was unable to download it once the transaction had gone through. All I got was a blank screen that said "This download is no longer available."

Can anyone help?
Hi Gary!

I'm aware of a problem with some of the initial downloads for the TA orders and Diaspora Phoenix orders. I'm looking into the problem tonight, and should have you manually entered into the system by around this time tomorrow. At that point you will have received an email telling you how you can log into the eLibrary and access your purchases.

I apologize for the trouble. We've seen a rather large surge in orders since the release and a few of the system scripts are apparently in need of tweaking.

Everything looks great - thanks much for the speedy resolution of the issue. The book's very good so far.

Also, I'm glad that you're currently glutted with orders. My contacts in the distribution chain seem to think that T20 is moving extraordinarily well. (Of course, it doesn't hurt to have an existing base of rabid fanboys like myself, who will buy multiple copies of the book.)