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Prestige Class Slicer


A computer genius with a special talent for hacking. Computer hacking on this level is called Slicing, and it is highly illegal. The Impeirim of course denies all knowledge of this class and in most cases will claim that it dosen`t even exist. However anyone with a ear for politics and or the underworld knows that the Impeirim Navy has several top notch Slicers in it`s service. Slicers are after all very dangerous to anything with a computer chip. The Navy needs something to ensure that there ships don`t start flying in circles because some Slicer thought it might be funny. Requirements to become a Slicer are Int 16+ Edu 12+ Wis 10+ T/computer 8+.

Class skills
Gather information
Read write language
Speak language

Skill points per level 7+ intelligence modifier

</font><blockquote>code:</font><hr /><pre style="font-size:x-small; font-family: monospace;">Level BAB Fort Ref Will Special
1 0 0 0 2 Slicer
2 0 0 0 2 Skill focus (T/Computer)
3 0 0 0 3 Bypass
4 0 1 1 3 Magic box
5 1 1 1 3 Virus
6 1 1 2 4 Access
7 1 2 2 5 Encrypt
8 2 2 3 5 Lock out
9 2 3 3 6 Crack
10 2 3 4 7 Melt down
</pre>[/QUOTE] Slicer
An upgrade on the hacker feat. A Slicer can cut through a computer program in half the time it would take a hacker. Slicing a computer is a T/computer skill check vrs DC10 + the computers model number + type number + intelligence modifier if any. The type number is +2 per type rating. Basic +2, Advanced +4 exedra. The time it takes to slice into a computer is equal to the DC number in rounds. Computers with an artificial intelligence program will naturally resist any tampering. In this case the slice check must be rerolled once every 2d4+2 rounds for low AI and 1d4+1 rounds for high AI. If the AI beats the Slicers roll three times in a row the connection is broken or the AI gains control. If the later, the AI has effectively sliced the Slicer. Note an AI can be given Slicer programs to use as security or it can take the Slicer class and develop them on it`s own.
The Slicer Has developed a knack for subtlety. He can get past any type of security system without disabling it or leaving any trace of tampering. In the case of an AI make two slice rolls. One for whatever purposes you were slicing in the first place and two to remain undetected. As long as the slicer is undetected the AI cannot resist the slice. The Slicer is automatically detected if he attacks the AI directly, ie loads a virus.
Magic box
At this level the character has the technical skill to make a “Hack cube” or “Magic box”. This can be a small hand computer like device or just an icon on his hand computer. The Slicer can use this item to store preprogramed slice codes. To obtain a slice code the character can either buy them via black market from another Slicer or program them him self. At this level the types of programs the Slicer can make are kind of limited. To make a Slice program the Slicer must first do some home work. Knowing the program you wish to Slice is vital for preprograming and helps with active Slicing as well. This is a gather information or knowledge computer check vrs DC 10+ the computers model number. Note this roll should be made secretly by the GM, if failed the programs will not work. Usually the magic box contains programs for simple things like open door or override security. At higher levels it can hold a Virus, Crack or Melt down program. One popular method is to keep a slave program ready with the master on your own computer. Note you cannot slave a computer that is more advanced than than the one your using. Example, type (B) modle#3 linear computer with bootstrap can`t have the master program and expect to slave a type (E) modle#9 positronic computer with High artificial Intelligence. AIs are the only exemption to this rule, an AI can slave a more advanced AI thought it is difficult. AIs can resist a slave the same way it resists a slice.
The Slicer has mastered the art of virus programing. Note, I have not done the virus rules yet.
The character is able to Slice into a security system and make himself a temporary high level clearance. This is the type of person who will waltz into the kitchen at fort knocks and ask to borrow a cup of sugar.
This allows a high level Slicer to counteract other Slicers. To encrypt a program is a T/computer skill check vrs the computers DC. If the Slicer has legal access to the computer do not add it`c intelligence modifier to the DC. If it has Low Autonomous Logic or higher add the intelligence modifier to the Slicers encryption role. The time it takes depends on what he is trying to encrypt. An encrypted access code will only take a few minutes, an entire program will take a time equal to half the computers DC in hours. The level of encryption depends on the success of the die roll and the Slicers class level. Note, still working on encryption rules. Decryption is much more difficult. To decrepit a program or password the Slicer must make a T/computer and decipher scrip skill check, both checks must succeed, vrs the encryption DC. Time for decryption well, you`ll be awhile. Note a decryption program can be stored in the Slicers magic box.
Lock out
When slicing a large corporate computer there will be several computer techs trying to stop the Slicer from obtaining his goal. The ultimate annoyance factor for these techs is the lock out program. The Slicer can send this spike to a specific data terminal, computer hooked up to the server, or even a users access code. Once the spike is sent the target is completely locked out of the system. This program remains until another Slicer is called in to remove it. Note, this is a good program to give an AI for security against slicers.
This allows the Slicer to cut through encrypted software and passwords like butter.
The Slicer is able to crash entire systems. With the right access codes he can start a chain reaction that causes the computer core to meltdown frying every other computer hooked up to it via slave or server. This means that the slicer must start the reaction then disconnect his own computer or suffer damage to his own files. A computer system that has melted down is unsalvageable. All software, files and programs are lost and cannot be retrieved. Most of the hardware is ruined as well.

I know, I know. A lot of this is unfinished. I really bit off more than I could chew with this one. I need to make up some more detailed computer and slicing rules before I can call this one complete. It will probably be a while. there is enough potential here to fill a whole TA. Anyone from administration think that might be possible?
I really like what you are doing with these suggested prestige classes. Good work!
(You might want to spell check them before posting, just a few simple errors in an otherwise stellar post) :D