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Prestige Class Gambler


Prestige Class Gambler

The Travelers Aide Society supports a league of high stakes gambling competitions for publicity sake. This has led to to creation of high class gamblers as celebrities.
Requirements to become a Gambler are as follows. Soc 12+ Cha 16+ Int 10+ Edu 10+ Gambling ranks 8+ Bluff ranks 5+. TAS membership and the character must not be telepathic. The TAS membership and social standing requirements will be waved if the character successfully enters the TAS annual poker competition, or another one like it. Different worlds will have different games and TAS will host a competition to accommodate every one. Each one is annual but there are enough to make this a year round occurrence. To enter this class with out a TAS membership or Soc 12 the character must enter one of these games and finish in the top 10.
The competition will last several days so you could probably make an entire Champaign around it. And a little murder mystery to spice it up.
Upon entering the Gambler class the character social standing score is automatically raised to 15.

Class Skills
Gather Information
Sense Motive
Slight of hand

</font><blockquote>code:</font><hr /><pre style="font-size:x-small; font-family: monospace;"> Level BAB Fort Ref Will Special
1 0 0 0 1 Read opponent
2 0 0 1 2 Skill focus (gambling)
3 0 1 1 2 Arm pouch
4 1 1 2 2 Poker face
5 1 1 2 3 Charm
6 1 2 2 3 Wild tale
7 2 2 3 4 Nimble fingers
8 2 2 3 4 Unnerve opponent
9 2 3 4 5 Well connected
10 3 3 5 6 Air of confidence
</pre>[/QUOTE]Skill points per level 5 + intelligence modifier

Read opponent
The gambler is especially good at reading his opponents thoughts (without the use of psionics. Add +2 to all sense motive checks.
Skill focus (gambling)
Add 2+ to all gambling roles.
Arm pouch
The gambler is skilled at pulling things out of his sleeve. With a successful slight of hand check things will simply appear in in his hand. It could be any thing from the missing card to his royal flush to a flower for the pretty waitress or a small body pistol for the opponent who dosn`t like to lose. Anyone can use an arm holster but the character with this feat gets an initiative bonus of +4 when drawing a weapon in this manner.
Add +2 on all Bluff Bribery Liaison and Entertain checks, +4 when dealing with members of the opposite sex. The gambler may also attempt to use his charm the way another character would use Bribery, this only works on members of the opposite sex. To charm an opponent the gambler makes a charisma ability check plus his gambler class level opposed by the target characters will save. Note it is possible to charm several characters at once, the charisma role is made once for the whole group but the will saves are still done for each individual.
Wild tale
At level six the gambler becomes adapt at coming up with a long winded believable lie. This can be used to keep other players interested in the game (ie they keep loosing money long after they would have wanted to fold). This can also be used as a bonus to the Charm feat. If the gambler failed his charm role by four or less he has at least captured the targets attention. He can then launch into a wonderfully exiting story with himself as the hero of course. During this time he may retry his attempt of charming twice more. For each consecutive attempt the opposing will save gains a bonus +2. This feat can also be used much the same way when coupled with a bluff check. The gambler can attempt to buff someone with the same story a maximum of three times. So when the customs officer asks you about the illegal weaponry under the removable deck plates, a gambler can tell him exacticaly how they (innocently) got there. :rolleyes: :D
Nimble fingers
Add +2 to all slight of hand checks and an additional +2 initiative bonus when drawing a weapon from his arm pouch.
Unnerve opponent
With a successful charisma check vrs will save the opponent is shaken and takes a -2 penalty on all skill checks, -4 on charisma based checks, for the next 2d4 rounds,
Well connected
As per the Traveler class feat.
Air of confidence
Confidence seems to radiate from the character and hang about him like a cloud. Add +2 to all charisma based skills.
Someone has seen Mel Gibson in 'Maverick'?
Or maybe a bit of Simon Templar?

Heh. I once had a character in the Old West End games Star Wars rpg. based on the 'gambler' template. very fun.

Only thing I question is soc 16...

the Gambler may be a riverboat er... Star cruise ship Gentleman but I really doubt he can get a knighthood for his talents. In Fact, I'd suggest that a noble entering the Gambler class might even lose a little prestige at court. Depending on weather he or she was the 'governing' or 'playboy' type of noble.

Perhaps soc 15 would be better?

that makes him a gentleman or lady without a Knighthood.

Heh. though I could see Gamblers getting involved in Duels too. ;]
He better fail when checked for Telekinesis as well...

"It's incredible how many times he's hit his point!"

Telepathy would be less useful, I'd be wearing a psi shield any time I gambled for stakes that high!!
I like the class, since our group defaults to visiting a gambling casino or bar after a tough run to spend any ill-gained,er.........hard -earned creds. I would like to see any casino or group prove that a person is psionically active, since if a person wasn't, he (or she) might take offense and take either legal or personal recourse. :eek:

How's about some detailed rules to go with your gamblin' man?
Post 2 or 3 different games and how you would play them in a run or perhaps you just go with some Blackjack and some modifiers? Expand on what the THB has under gambling for the rest of us gamblers to be.........
I would humbly suggest the gambler's advantages should only apply to 'games of skill' (poker, blackjack, etc.) rather than 'games of luck' (slots, roulette). The elite gambler would know that these are games of pure chance, with odds favoring the house, and avoid them.

I'd also suggest the ability to 'size up' a game, to determine if an unfamiliar game is of skill or luck, and to spot a rigged game. For the latter, perhaps an additional +2 to sense motive?
How's about some detailed rules to go with your gamblin' man? Post 2 or 3 different games and how you would play them
I actually don`t know much about real gambling rules so I wouldn`t be very good at making up my own. On top of that I`m busy working on the hacking rules for my Slicer class. I was kinda hoping that by opening this discussion someone would contribute some games and rules, hint hint ;)
Zanrain, must concur with the dropping the SOC-16 thingy..the Charisma 16 requirement I'd keep. Verra sweet!

Outstanding overall work, lad! stars for you!
Never mind the mel gibson maverick, go back to the james garnder jack kelly series from the late 50s(and roger moore as well). the prestige class looks very cool
Don't let anybody talk you into lowering the SOC anymore. SOC (at non-titled levels, at least) is all about 'If you've got it, flaunt it!' If you don't have the skill to make the kind of cash the big kids make, you're just someone who's gotten lucky once or twice...
Soc 12+ Cha 16+ Int 10+ Edu 10+ Gambling ranks 8+ Bluff ranks 5+. TAS membership and the character must not be telepathic.
Let me be the devil's advocate for once...

Soc 12+?: Why? Aren't low class scum allowed at the gambling table? A person could be a lucky or clever card counter of low birth couldn't they? What about gangsters, they are low class and some of them run gambling operations.

Cha 16+?: Not every gambler is going to be good looking. Casinos even value the money of ugly and ill-mannered people, they are not about to through someone out for being ugly looking. If only fasion models and movie stars were allowed into casinos, they'd make alot less money.

Int 10+: Now were talking, a clever person can be a great gambler, especially if he has a trick up his sleeve and its not entirely luck.

Wis 10+: Wisdom affects perception, its important to tell when something is amiss.

Perhaps some charisma is needed so that the gambler does not telegraph his own emotions to his opponents.
Er... tom...

This is a 'prestige' Class reflecting a particular kind of Gambler, a celebrity of the Pro-Circuit.

A rogue with a lot of skill points in gambling is fine for a low rent Casino shill.

This is for the sort of character who get's played by Roger Moore (The Saint)

James Garner or Mel Gibson (Maverick) (or for that matter Nicole Kidman's character from the same movie... er.. was it Kidman?)

Such a person is a sort of celebrity, Perhaps half Con-artist as well but ALWAYS a lady or a gentleman.


Prestige classes refer to a VERY specific subset or overlap of the character classes. The TAS Journalist isn't just ANY traveller, He works for the Traveller's Aide Society. The ACE pilot isn't just a pilot She's an ACE. Likewise Zanrain's Prestige Gambler is a rare and unique member of the casino haunting breed. Perhaps there'd be less confusion if he called it the 'Pro-Circuit Gambler' or the "Celebrity Gambler".
Originally posted by Garf:
Soc 15 is non-noble but moving in the same circles.

Not a noble perhaps but certainly a Lady or Gentleman.

Perfect place for a celebrity, or a courtier or just... A charming not quite rogue.

IMO and Hope this Helps.
I concur with Garf, Zanrain..SOC 15 suits the class' purpose without makin him an instant knight-level equivalent celeb.
Soc 15 is non-noble but moving in the same circles.

Not a noble perhaps but certainly a Lady or Gentleman.

Perfect place for a celebrity, or a courtier or just... A charming not quite rogue.

IMO and Hope this Helps.
Jodi Foster, not Kidman but, wow, I really couldn't complain if either one of them sat down next to me and played a little stri.....,er, poker! ;)

My request still stands: how do you role-play the gambling part of this class, since blind luck (random cards delt) still have impact on the game?
Or should you change the class from high stakes gambler to high stakes CHEATER ? :D
This is the way the skill was handled in The Starwars campaign I played ages ago:

Simple games of skill Highest Gambling skill ROLL wins.

Games that involve bidding, can be affected by a round of bluff checks. (For t20? a +2 circumstance bonus? for winning the round?)

Cheating autowins and autowins for the person the cheater designates... BUT... a successful gambling skill roll by a suspicious character will detect the cheat. Note the check is not automatic someone has to say "I suspect a cheat" and successfully roll opposed gambling skills with the cheater.

Hope this helps.
referee's call.

If the NPC is a cheater himself I'd have him check routinely.

If the NPC is merely cautious I'd have him roll but at a negative.

Remember he has to beat an opposed gambling skill roll to actually DETECT the cheating.

If your PC cheats on every hand and is grinning while raking in a big pot of money. Don't roll dice . have the NPC's roll him. Just on principal.

Even if they can't PROVE he's cheating. They're hardly his friends.

HMM... if it's a croupier. or some similar professional. I'd have the check intermittantly ...

My own rule of thumb. the first cheat that the player profits from is free. (no one expects him to cheat say... in favour of the pretty lady two seats down)

After that. make him sweat it. Cheating SHould not be Casually done.
Also, it should be harder to cheat on certain games (7 card Texas poker) than others (bridge). How about games such as rhoulette,craps, or slots; does this fall out of the range of gambling?
I always love to pull a real card deck out during a gaming session. Come on, folks..there must be someone out there who can come up with some rules that allow a group to pull out a deck and role-play a good cheat......er, gambling encounter.