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Preparing an PBEM adventure. Marines


I am currently looking for a couple of players for an "Inservice", Marine/Navel" adventure.

There is possibility of continuing beyond for a campaign as well.
I have two players found on JTAS discussions group,
This scenario should be good with 3 or 4 players, and can handle more, probably up to 7 before conversation threading gets very confused. As a marine in a company scaled operation, there will be a variety of NPC's around. NCO';s (Sarg) will not command other player characters but will have developed NPC's to command.

In Service, player characters need to be ratings or NCO's in Imperial Marines or Navy and are NOT mustered out of the Imperial Service.
No officiers, Nobility or Rich players. No mega characters but not restricting it to an exact number.

Naval players would be non-officer cutter pilots, medical corpsman (not an MD, medical school graduate) or cutter engineers.

GM will play command and any necessary officer items.

I am mostly CT experienced (all the way back) , have half a dozen of the Gurps books and will be getting D20 by the time this starts. I will need to get translations of any characters in new systems to something close to CT form in skills and physical ratings for my monitoring a lot of the other color (character descriptions and attributes) are good for the players to use for role playing.

Don't worry much about equipment, you are in the Paternalistic Imperial service but you could assume that you have a tiny bit of non-weapon gear...about as much as would fit in a duffle or a small locker space.

Respond here or email me. Thanks.
I am willing to work with new players, but you must have at least enough information to generate and expand on a Marine Character, that could be the basic Traveller books, CT "Mercenary", Gurps Traveller or Gurps Traveller Ground Forces or D20 Traveller.

Mr. Les DeGroff