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power routing


T20 P163 under power routing has a few rather confusing entries.

Emergency agility and Overpower weapons seems to assume that there is little or no excess power without shutting down another system on the ship.

Let's say for a second that we built a ship and didn't use TL 9 power plants like they do for most the ships in the T20 book. Now, we also throw in a few tons extra of the power plant. We have say 10 extra EP.

Do we still have to throw away our ships weapons and screens for the extra agility?

Do we still have to throw away our accel, decel, manuver and agility for overpowered weapons?

What if the ship is designed to run both the manuver drive AND the jump drive, wouldn't you have a bunch of excess EP from not running the jump drive in combat?

A system I have thought about running with is:

When dealing with excess EP you can:

Spend them as normal for agility (1% of total weight or 1/100 dtns of ship, from my reverse figuring) and if this use of EP doesn't exceed your excess then it doesn't reduce your weapons or screens (its extra energy after all). Ex. a 500 dtn ship would cost 5 EP/point of agility.

Spend them for overpowering at the same cost for each extra dice of damage. Ex. a 500 dtn ship would cost 5 EP to raise +1 die.

You can use the excess EP from any unpowered system. Ex. not having your jump drive up and running in combat.

When you try to overpower your weapons at the cost of other systems (as the rule currently stands) you are temporarily shutting those systems down to steal their EP. The same restiction as above applies 1EP/100 dtn.

I have read somewhere in the forums that it costs 2 EP/+1 die by the T20 book, but I can't find this anywhere.

The above cost for both agility and overpowering would restict the action to heavily powered craft or place a limit to what anyone good with a few skills can make a triple turret do.

If I understand correctly you can take a free trader, slap a single laser on it and then overpower it to 9? A properly built character based around the concept of boosting weapons and agility, having the right engineering or mechanical skill and the right feats, won't fail this check or damage the ship even on a low roll.

Again, I am rather new to T20 and may be mistaken or there may be something not in the book that I am missing, please advise.

What if the ship is designed to run both the manuver drive AND the jump drive, wouldn't you have a bunch of excess EP from not running the jump drive in combat?
Not something I'd want to do. I seem to recall something about maneuver drives affecting the jump grid unless they are powered down.
And you would not need to use the maneuver drives in jump space, so powering both is a waste of power.
As a side note, most of the classic ships that appear as standard designs (far trader, free trader, and subsidized merchant, among others), have been designed with power plants that *just* power maneuver drives or power plants. There isn't any power for energy weapons, so unless we can assume that those ships just coast while firing or change the rules, those ships can't mount energy weapons unless the power plants are upgraded.

Seems pretty silly to me, and I would think that the standard ships should be designed to have at least enough power to mount double lasers in each turret.

And what about those Paranoids who installs a *second* redundant Powerplant "Just in Case"

Put in high G thrusters and weapons, you have PLENTY of power for small skirmishes even if it reduce your fuel for a day or two while both power plant are running
Exactally Sandman, you would only build a ship with such a limited energy source if you were using it as a base model, trying to get people to spring for the 'extras package'.

Our super charged Far Trader ZX has twice the available EP as our standard Far Trader...

First thing I would do if I bought a ship would be add a few tons of extra Power Plant in a corner of the cargo hold...for combat situations.