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Power Projection question?

I've got a question about the Power Projection games. Are they suitable for one on one ship "duels" (in the manner of Star Fleet Battles) or are they mainly geared toward fleet actions? The ship to ship model of SFB always appealed to me, but I'm looking for a happy medium in terms of complexity and play time. I'm hoping that Power Projection fits the bill. Any comments?
I must admit to not actually having tried just a straight 1-on-1 battle using PP, but in most games I have done the battle does tend to fragment into a series of duels (either 1-on-1 or 1 larger Vs 2 smaller ships). But that might have more to do with the players involved (usually at conventions with people trying it for the first time) and the basic scenarios run (small number of evenly matched ships). Battles tend to have an approach phase (where ships jostle for advantage and much sand is thrown) followed by a combat phase (where a couple of rounds of very bloody combat see one side totally destroyed and the other limping badly). The survivors then repeat the cycle. Games tend to be fun and quick, but very leathal.

Regards PLST
In answer to your question:

YES! you can use Power projection escort(or power projection lite) for one on oneship duels. Your duels will look alot like Mayday....As for Fleet battles Yes you can use it in place of Star Fleet Battles Your battles will play faster than with star fleet battles, and slower than starfire(My favorite fleet combat game) :D ;) :cool: