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Poul Anderson Fans


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I was reading...

What properties do these stable transuranics have?
It’s anyone’s guess, since no one has found or produced any of them yet. Perhaps some superscience technologies depend on the unusual properties of these weird substances. Several pieces of classic science fiction, particularly Poul Anderson’s “Polesotechnic League” stories,
turn on the rarity and special properties of stable transuranics.

does anyone remember which book(s) that was from ? I think I have Trader to the Stars and at least one of the Falkayn books, but I don't recall anything specific.
The second Flandry novel a Circus of Hells also has a nice Traveller plot where one such planet has been abandoned but the AI left in charge of mining has carried on its work and the hero is hired by a criminal syndicate to head off into enemy territory to bring back the rare ores it has been stockpiling for decades.

However if I remember correctly the AI has gone rather strange in its isolation and turned the planet into a giant wargame board with warbots chasing each other around to keep itself entertained...

Would obviously work best with TNE and a mad Virus AI running a boneyard mining world.