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Point Based chargen, weapon skills, and more now free for d20!


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Guardians of Order released their Anime d20 SRD today that adds point based chargen and combat skills among other things to d20!

Very cool and doesn't look too hard to fold into a homebrew for T20!


Also they released their Tri-Star dX rules for free as well through rpgnow.com so it shouldn't be too hard to convert a lot of BESM/SAS/etc. stuff to d20/T20 now. Or use the BESM Traveller variant on JTAS (SJGames).

If anything else the dX book may help explain the Anime d20 SRD better if you are unfamiliar with GoO's games.


I posted a similar thread regarding general Traveller use here

And rather amusing it all is, too. A simple philosophical bit-flip and the BESM D20 SRD can be used to do away with classes and levels, though I'd have to think twice about doing away with the normal limits on purchased skill ranks...