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Hunter - You mentioned something about playteating at the end of last week. You haven't said anything since. I was wondering if there is any more info?
Obviously I would be very interested in playtesting as well, assuming it isn't all in-house
I've got a nice reliable group that I think would jump at the chance for a playtest too.

Dave "Dr. Skull" Nelson
Bear with me, with Martin now on board to handle the actual writing we can begin to get T20 from playtest and design notes into a useable form for outside playtesting. As soon as I have some definate information I will post more on how we will be handling it.

So again bear with me a few more days, and I should have some definate news next week at some point.

What, you mean you can have it done sooner?

LOL! No I didn't mean you would have it all ready in a week! I meant I would have some information and details on how the playtesting would be done next week.

I can get my group to do t20 playtest, as well...


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If you are looking for playtesters, our group would probably be interested. We average 20 years of RPG experience, and have all played Original Traveller, Marc Miller's Traveller, and D&D 3E, so we have experienced all the systems involved in the new venture. I know you'll have a number of volunteers, but I wanted to throw my name in the ring.
I have a group whom I currently run in an ongoing 3rd Edition campaign who, like myself, have all played traveller in some form or another in the past, who would jump at the chance to playtest.


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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by The Shoveller:
Hunter - You mentioned something about playteating at the end of last week. You haven't said anything since. I was wondering if there is any more info?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Me, me, me too! I have a youngish group of 3E DnDers that would make an excellent test group if the objective is to lure new Travellers to the system. I have experience with Traveller in it's many incarnations (except for GURPs) and have a pile of books several feet thick. Just point me in the right direction!

It's going to be a little while before the rules are in anything like suitable shape for playtesting.

But it IS happening, OK?
Since we're all at it, I've got a group of d20 players that have been looking for a good sci-fi game. We've played some Heavy Gear, but I'm sure that they'd prefer t20. Count us in for playtesting!
Having been an old school Traveller enthusiast for the last several years, I'm more than happy to volunteer my humble little gaming group for playtesting duties!
I have just posted some very basic information about the current core classes being developed and playtested.

Just following the Core Classes link at the Official T20 Website.

I and my group, With Any Luck Klub would like to offer our services as play testers. My name is Bill Hezeltine and my group and I have play tested D&D 3ed, Gamma World, Forgotten Realms, and 2 other project. Although I am the only player who has played Traveller my group is very interested in Traveller, I have been been semi active in the Traveller world since 1977 and I have been associated wit Joe Fugate of the original Digest Group Publications and I have several credits with them(Starship Operators Guide and Flaming Eye adventure). We also have played numerous other non d20 games. If interested please feel free to contact me directly or throught this board.

<QUOTE>So again bear with me a few more days, and I should have some definate news next week at some point.

Hi hunter

I have roleplayed for 21 years, and have had regular twice weekly sessions throughout, my group have played up onside of the selection of games and down the other, from Sci fi, fantasy, horror, post apocalyptic and so on..
We have always lacked a Sci Fi game we could get our teeth into, we tried Megatraveller but struggled with the system (character Generation was fun though), though the Traveller universe captivated us all, as has the d20 system, our fantasy staple has been all editions of Dungeons and Dragons so we have experience of all the systems upto and including the d20 system, and we would love the opportunity to playtest the upcoming T20 system for you, we can garuntee a good, balanced and totally unbiased opinion of it.


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We can all see you have a host of enterprising volunteers.

Are you in fact at some point going to call for outside play testers through these boards? Or were we all just getting carried away or breathing fumes? (Not the first time that's happened).

Dave "Dr. Skull" Nelson
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