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Playing Traveller by PBEM

Is there any good game that could be joined by a experienced player of over 20+ years of gaming.
I live in the boondocks of West Central Ohio.
Looking for a classic traveller game to join. From Greenville, OH. I have a large collection of classic traveller books.
Our game was stagnating as our GM was tied dwon by real world issues.
I recently took over the GM role but it seems we may have lost a few players in the process. Anyone is welcomed to join the yahoo group and lurk. I just put a role call out and it may turn into a request for new players to take over roles.

The yahoo group is: http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/Drunkards_Walk/

Hey Kemo,

We are moving forward but I may have a characte for you if you are interested?
Check the yahoo group I posted earlier in this thread

PBEM Classic Traveller

Looking to join group. Willing to referee a new group.

contact me at


General format, you roll a new character using CT/MT rules and send it to me I will generate your moves and email them to you.