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Playing T20 via the Internet

Hello all,
I have a working Klooge definition for T20. If you are tired of looking for local players and want to play or GM there is a way. GRIP, (I have a T20 character sheet for that as well, but there is an improved version.) and Klooge now both support T20 game play via the Internet. (Matter of fact I GM a weekly campaign now using klooge.) It means you aren't limited to only having local players.
Have fun, and remember, Traveller may be agame, but it is a game that is meant to be played.
Originally posted by halberad:
When are looking at playing, times, etc....?
we play every Wednesday evening from 8PM EDT (7pm EST for us in Indiana.) for about 3 hours.
See the link in my signature for more information.
Originally posted by Falkayn:
Bruce, is it possible for you to share the Klooge definition file with us?
Certainly. Besides it would help to have someone else work on things like asthetics. And perhaps another set of eyes to make damage automatic, instead of by hand.

Where should I put them? The FLibrary still takes forever to put things there. I'll throw the def file on my campaign site as soon as I figure out how.

It definitely could use some graphic work, perhaps a nice Sci-Fi theme. And I was planning on digging in this weekend and fixing the ammo consumption part of it since it has been a couple of weeks since the new Klooge Version fixed that choice.

I will also include my Feat, Skill and Weapon List. If anyone wants to tackle equipment they are more than welcome to.
Oops I forgot, I already did equipment. It is there too.
So it isn't pretty, but the files are now available. Comments, requests and help with the few things that still need to be done are welcome. (The effects list I am working with needs work, but that is where I am fixing the ammunition issue.
) I'll post that when it is finished.

BTW damage does need to be handled by the GM and isn't as automatic as I'd like. The problem is that Klooge can't pull dice out of the roll, lowest to highest. So it will do the damage once, which is great for Stamina, you have to multiply that by 2, then remove damage points based on the roll against the lifeblood. (It will bring up the original damage and apply that to stamina easily enough.)

Then it will apply damage to the target against both Lifeblood and Stamina. (Which is definitely nice.) If a character is unarmored then you simply multiply the damage by two and split it between the two. (though I have yet to see a T20 character walk around with less than 2 points of AR.

If anyone has a script, or can write a script that will handle T20 damage for this I would welcome it greatly.
One other note. Tom (Berg on here.) has taken my T20 GRIP sheet and fixed a bug that was ticking me off, improved it slightly and posted it to his website, so if you want to use GRIP that is also available. (I hope he didn't kill my ammo consumption/ROF combat script that I spent a month getting right.
So now you can play T20 via the Internet using either GRIP (available here) or Klooge (available here), without doing any nasty coding or programming.

You do realize that with minimum changes that weapon script of mine will also track ammo on the CT sheets.
(Mostly it would invlove removing my mods and calling the table for the correct weapon.) If I was still using GRIP I would probably do it, I might yet after getting another pair of Traveller Projects finished. But in the mean time...

You pull the trigger and hear an ominous click!
I hate it when that happens!
You do realize that with minimum changes that weapon script of mine will also track ammo on the CT sheets.
I will check it out. I've been doing other projects in GRiP lately. I've made a couple more tilesets to allow better play "on the fly". Ref's can load in background maps and my tile sets are mostly placables like guns, explosions, bodies, etc... You know, the good stuff ;)
If I was still using GRIP I would probably do it, I might yet after getting another pair of Traveller Projects finished.
Back when I played FTF games more, the Ref or GM ran the "world" in which we played. In the online gaming world, with the various software packages, this can still happen. With GRiP, the players mod is Free, so this helps, but the Klooge liscencing is also set up so that a Generous ref (such as yourself) can make it possible for players to join games with minimal hassle.

There are lots of people on these boards who are avid Traveller fans and who probably would like to play a game, but haven't the means and think online play is a hassle or not very good. If they are looking for a Traveller version of Guild wars, it's not like that, but it plays like a FTF paced game quite favourably.

The main problem is the setup. In FTF you can get away with minimal setup (draw a rough freehand deckplan and go), in OL play the Ref has to prepare quite a bit of stuff or you got blank screens and dull character sheets. I think this seems daunting to new OL refs. Company support for the software varies (ehem
) and isn't really suppose to cover this aspect anyways, sticking to program gliches and the like. This to me seems the main stumbling block to more people trying this OL gaming format.


Actually with Klooge if you have a scanner you can use a rough pen and paper sketch if you want. Any PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF works as a map. You can use any art program, to include MS Paint, to create quick and dirty maps. Just like the old days with face to face games. Personally I use CC2 with Cosmographer and used them for GRIP as well. If your scale is consistent in Klooge you import the map, you put it on the screen, you draw a line and tell klooge how long it is and you have a map. And on your map you can easily measure distance, range, etc. In GRIP the import process takes a little longer and is a little more tedious (and your graphics choices are a bit smaller but still varied) but still not that difficult once you get the hang of it. In GRIP you also get the familiar grids on your maps, In Klooge you can have the grid but for distance it isn't required. You set up what the players can and can't see and add icons.

My first icons, besides the ones I downloaded from the GRiP List were scans of cardboard Heros from various sources. GRIP is limited to 32x32 pixel icons (in ico format and it takes a little while to get them set up as you use five icons per icon to show damage status.) For Klooge you use, again any pic you want (I create mine in DAZ Studio) and I use 800x800 because it allows very nice detail, but png's of the same icons you use in GRIP would work (remove the damage bar as Klooge adds that for you).

Your first session will be a little more difficult that a FTF session, provided you aren't writing the definition yourself (and for T20 you aren't anymore), but after the first few sessions it is actually easier to run a session on one of these packages than a FTF game as the computer and the built in character sheets do most of the work. No more scratch paper to see how much ammo is left in the 30 round Gauss Pistol Mag, the 40 round Gauss Rifle Mag, the 50 round ACR mag, the 15 round auto pistol mag and the 6 shot magnum revolver. (I know what you are thinking punk, did he fire six shots or only five.) No more notes on whose turn it is in combat. Depending on your system, no more calculations of all those mods to see if the target is hit or not.

But the biggest advantage is that you aren't limited to the people that you know that live near you that may or may not be able to get over on a regular basis, because of kids, or other family commitments, or because they no longer live in the same town.

Your notes are organized in your computer instead of on the miriad of scraps of paper most Referees tend to use. You can, with the right software, simply scan published adventures in or pull text out of a PDF adventure

You can even use these systems, provided you have an interface at the house to allow you to show your map on a larger screen TV, to play and make your life easier, in a FTF game. (ScreenMonkey allows you to do this on one computer, the rest require a second networked computer (with appropiate licensing, if any).

For those of you that are afraid of using one of these tabletop systems take one out for a test drive. Come sit in on one of my sessions. Or one of the GRIP games. (Do hold technical questions to the end though during a session, please, after all gamers are playing here.) Remember these games are meant to be played not merely discussed. And nothing will help our little hobby more than introducing new people to it. (In fact only one of my players is an experienced Traveller hand and only two have ever played an RPG before.)