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Play by post Looking for One More Player

"Into the Subsector" A play by post going right here on COTI, is looking to fill two player slots.

The game is set in the year 1100, in the Daibei Sector.

Characters are to have no more than 4 terms of background, and need to be general "shipboard" types/adventurers. Generation is from Any Classic Traveller book or supplement.

Any species except those that would present an impossibility of play in a group (K'Kree, for example) all of the other PCs are human, so humans are also ok.

I referee, and four others play. This game has just begun and so far has had a rocky start. This is why we seek posters that can post daily or at least weekly, and that are able to construct memorable characters with lots of initiative.

Anyway, if you can fit this game into your normal routine of emails and want to take part, please step up and submit a character.

I missed getting in on time the first round. I will have someone in by tommorrow morning. Merchi, lickly a pilot or Nav. or comp of some sort.

Generate muster and equipment, or will you muster me like the rest of them?
My first time through Merchant prince, I am a little shaky.

Reached O4 as a Purser, then got a special duty. if that transfers me to deck as an O4, then I mustered out as a 1st officer from whatever megacorp you chose for me.

Broad mix of skills, nothing spectacular. No piole, or nav, but there is a communications skill. full posting comming up in a moment on the OOC forum. In the mega vcorp, and no Dm for mustering anyway, no starship, but I do 30,500 cr to play with as well as a TAS membership and a spare high passage.

Sucky rolls. About the only rolls I could count on were promotions, when I served at rank, and skill rolls were usually so low I could not miss them.

mr tek
Sorry, also need a homeworld with an A class starport.

4 terms of service, all but three years purser or deck crew on a regular route, I could have travled a far way from home, but only on well traveled routes, most likly, forward and back on the mains. 1 year exploritory, 1 year spec trade, and one year deck school.
Originally posted by Baron Saarthuran von Gushiddan:
Ok, so that's one slot filled. Is there anyone else out there that wants to join?
I'll give it a try. Do up a Marine.

Have something tomorrow. Uh, actually later today.

Originally posted by Cyberwere:
I'll give it a try. Do up a Marine.
Have something tomorrow. Uh, actually later today.
Actually I'll wait until I'm given the go ahead. After I read my note I though it might be a little presumptive.


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