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Phasers, no, Bolo, si

I'm not talking about the tie or the S. American weapon but a big giant lumbering talking tank. Anyone ever tried to incorporate this into a game?

I think Striker would allow you to design a CSU [continental Siege Unit]. Lots of big fusion guns and other such stuff, yes?
I'm working on a TL13 Grav Bolo for T20. Almost finished now. It uses a combination of huge Mass Driver cannons and Fusion Guns, with some smaller secondary and anti-personnel weapons. It will also haqve some anti-ship missles mounted.
I tried designing a Bolo/Oger.

I combined the rules from High Guard with Striker.
Start with a 50K Dton hull with max armor.
Add a tracked propulsion system instead of a manuver drive.
Add a spinal mount Particle accelerator in a turret as a Hell bore.
VFR Gauss guns equal infinite repeaters.
Small laser turrets for the antiprojetile system.
Add at least 3 computers all linked and armored.
Add a robot crew, slave linked to the computers.
Add a control room and a stateroom for a human operator.
Flip the on switch and get out of the way.