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PDF versions of Data Sheets

Hunter, Martin, et al.

First, let me thank you for an excellent book, well in keeping with the Traveller tradition of crunchy goodness. I purchased my copy at my FLGS Thursday, the 17th, and have been reading and rereading every chapter and section. Wow. And "Heh!" Many thoughts are percolating through my little grey cells due entirely to your work. :D

That having been said, when's the setting book coming out?

Really, I meant this query to be about the TAS Forms in back of the TPB. They are quite attractive and easy to use and understand, especially the Character Sheets (kudos to the Mad Irishman),but I don't wish to risk cracking the spine of my book to get a decent copy of them.

Would it be possible to have PDF versions of them (and any other sheets that might be created in the future) made available on the CoTI page?

Thank you again for an excellent game book.

Simon Jester
Thanks Simon!

The Gateway book we are shooting for a late Dec/early Jan release. We are trying to ramp up to a minimum of one book every quarter and slowly build up from there.

On the sheets, the character sheet is available from the Electronic Library and I'll try to get the others posted this week.