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Paging Tanuki


SOC-14 5K
Quite a while ago, now, I asked you to design a deckplan. You agreed, and I never heard anything else about it. After several attempts to contact you privately, to which you never responded, I'm going to ask in public. What's the deal? :confused: :confused:

I left a message with a link to your post in his newsgroup over in SFF.net.

Even if he doesn't see this, he'll eventually see the other.
Thank you! I have one million one hundred and eleven thousand one hundred thanks. Have as many as you want.
Originally posted by Jame:
Rain, could you give me a link to his newsgroup?
Jame, I apologize, but the "news" protocol isn't as well defined at the "http" protocol, and so direct links are much tougher. If they weren't using a different port (see below), I could give you a direct link.

The server is news dot sff dot net. This is the effective online home of SFFWA, Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America (though the SFFWA specific newsgroups are visible by permission only, and you can only get that permission if you are a member of SFFWA; ordinary personal newsgroups aren't private, and neither is Brook's).

There is no password or authentication required, but you must set the port to 1119 (instead of the normal 119) before it will start working.

Brook's newsgroup is "sff dot people dot brook-west". You might also drop a polite notice about a post in Brook's newsgroup into "sff dot people dot julia-west" (as she reads her newsgroup a lot more than Brook does, AFAICT).

Netiquette standards are extremely high, with standards on spelling and grammar higher still (in most cases).
Hi, Tanuki has problems getting CotI these days, the place we work has a network site blocker that will not let us go anywhere that is related to online gameing. The SFF address is probably the best place to contact him. And since he will be at my house tonight I will raz him about spacing the job.