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P12 shotgun New, RW

Uncle Bob

SOC-14 1K


A bullpup, pump-action (to keep BATF happy) shotgun. 20 rd clear magazine based on FN P90 PDW (top in picture 1). Pricy, but interesting
Weight: 8lbs fully loaded (approx) 3.6 Kg
Length: 27-1/2" overall 70 cm
Capacity: 20 rounds of 2-3/4" 12ga shells
Action Type: Pump action

- Interchangable forgrips
- Top loading/bottom ejection
- Folding Vetical Foregrip pump
- Ambi-design
- Built in Sling Loops
- Removable Trigger Pack
- 18" Ported Barrel
- ALL Accessories Included
- No Tool Breakdown
- 3 Available finishes Dark Grey, OD Green, and Mossy Oak (type finish)
- Suggested Retial Price $1399. est. 466 Cr