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Out-of-print games on sale at Noble Knight

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Noble Knight Games is having a customer appreciation sale between now and 6 October. Of the three out-of-print on-line dealers from whom I purchase, Noble Knight gets most of my business - competitive selection, competitive prices, and very prompt, very efficient service. (Aaron Leeder's customer care really seals the deal for me).

I am not personally affiliated with Noble Knight Games - I'm just a satisfied repeat customer passing along a big thumbs-up to my fellow Travellers.
Noble Knight is one of the great online gaming shops that I love to deal with.

However, for every gem there are a few misses. Here is my list to avoid...

The Weekend Warrior - never lives up his promises of additional inventory

Crazy Egors - want lists that never end because they are not actively acquiring new stuff.

Gudio the Gypsy - quality has always been worse than cited...leaving one disappointed.
I have actually had a great experience with Crazy Egor's via eBay. I have received everything ordered in as-advertised condition, and they have a pretty decent selection, IMO. Also the shipping service is fast!

I have only ordered from Guido once, but I wasn't disappointed. I can't comment on WW, however.
NobleKnight is the best place I shop for Traveller products. Shipping is fast, and they *always* ship their products well-wrapped and nicely boxed.

Also, one time NobleKnight had accidentally shipped me the wrong Traveller item. They discovered the error right away, even before it arrived to me. So they quickly corrected the problem, they gave me the mistaken Traveller item FREE that they had already sent to me. Plus they fedex overnighted the CORRECT item that I had ordered in the first place (no extra charge).

NobleKnight is truly a first class merchant.
I will second the opinions on NobleKnight, and on Crazy Egor's on eBay. I have ordered from both and had very pleasant experiences with both.