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Ought Marc bring in new art for T5


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One of the things that people seem to love and hate in Traveller is its art. Ought Marc bring in another big name artist (here I am thinking of David Matting or Christopher Sly) to illustrate T5, much as he did for T4? Or ought he rely upon the huge archive of art that is being being built up from previous editions? (thereby stressing continuity)
I think that some things (like the cover art) should be done new. Hopefully, UNLIKE T4, the covers would actually fit with the contents, and would look like Traveller.

However, I would hope there would be some significant reuse inside the covers. Seeing some of that Keith art and other things (like the Tarsus lady) would definitely help maintain the continuity.
David Mattingly's cover for the T20 book is great, as are most of the GT covers (especially the Jesse DeGraff computer renderings). I'd like to see T^5 have cover art on the same level as those (assuming it actually has cover art and we don't see the return of the LBBs, that is). I'm also a big fan of A.C. Farley's MT-era covers (Rebellion Sourcebook, World Builder's Handbook). Christopher Sly's artwork has a more of a 'gothic' flavor than I traditionally associate with Traveller so I wouldn't include him -- it's IMO very important to avoid the "T4 syndrome" of artwork that doesn't fit the established look and feel of the milieu. The feel of Traveller is not Space-Gothic or Cyberpunk or Anime or Neo-psychedelic, and its artwork shouldn't be either, no matter how kewl it looks or how good a deal the publisher got on it.

For interiors, I think a lot of the existing Traveller line art from the likes of Dietrick, Danforth, Barr, Keith, Gibson, Caswell, Reynolds, etc. is very good and I'd happily see it recycled. The comic book/cartoon style of the interior art in TNE, T20, and (to a slightly lesser extent) GT I don't like nearly as well. Interior art should be used relatively sparingly, and the pictures should be kept small -- nothing screams "filler" to me so much as full-page non-functional illustrations (i.e. most of the artwork in T4, too much of it in T20). The quantity and quality of interior illos in The Traveller Book, the 3 core MT books, and the late-period DGP stuff (The Flaming Eye, S&A) are IMO pretty much ideal (though I'd like more realistic/detailed (and preferably Bryan Gibson-drawn ;) ) illos of weapons and gear than we got in those). I'd avoid watercolors/paintings and computer renderings as interior illos unless the books have color interiors (which I don't think they should -- keeping production costs low will surely be a priority for T^5).
What I prefer above all else are 'mug shots', pictures that I can show to my players and say: "This is what the person you've just met looks like". (Which, incidentally, is one reason why I'd really like it if someone would decide once and for all what the uniforms of the various Imperial services looked like instead of leaving that to the pleasure of individual artists).

Second are 'mood shots', pictures that show how a particular place looks.

Third are 'action shots', pictures that show a particular scene at a specific time (bar fight in Brubek's, psionic-hunting lynch mob in the bazaar, etc.)

Speaking of Artists, whatever happened to David R. Deitrick? He did some stuff in the Journal back in the day, and I really like it. Very clean, Very real in tone... Anyone know about him?
Originally posted by Baron Saarthuran:
Speaking of Artists, whatever happened to David R. Deitrick? He did some stuff in the Journal back in the day, and I really like it. Very clean, Very real in tone... Anyone know about him?
He's still around and working. We commissioned him to do the Imperial Marine poster

Originally posted by daryen:
(like the Tarsus lady)
BTW, just want to point out that the picture referenced above was by Deitrick. I just didn't have any of my Traveller stuff at work. (Yeah, I know, I know...)

He is probably my favorite Traveller artist. (I *still* love the Darrian cover. *sigh*)
Dave Dietrick, Bryan Gbson, Jesse de Graf, Dave Mattingly, some of Ted Lindsley (?sp) renderings and some of the images Marc Lucas used for his artists impression of T5 - this gives a good combination of classic Traveller art that IMO evokes the seting and its heritage as well as including top notch examples phtoe-realistic images that really capture the excitement of the setting.

Images like the one that forms the opening page at http://www.travellermini.org are what I think would suit. I also think that "mug shots" are an excellent idea, where relevant, although that might be a nice general resource for the e-library? I know one can obtain mugshots for eg 1920's era games (Call of Cthulhu etc), but a set for the OTU would be useful to players of all versions of Traveller; and not just those who play in some version of the OTU, actually.
I agree with Gallowglass, that the Traveller universe ought to be about big wide open frontiers, at least in the mainbook. I imagine something like Mojo World interspursed with Jessie's later stuff, like At Close Quarters but still the best cover would be from Challenge magazine but I do concur that the Rebellion Sourcebook is a classic and ought to see print again. But why not go for the German Traveller look? The main T5 art ought to be about openning frontiers, leave it to the supplements to reprint some of the older classics.
Perhaps a more "cinematic" Approach to it? Mojo world is cool, but it looks a little "Computery" (a sort of unquantifiable "sameness" making even lanscapes seem "too clean" to be believeable) The German stuff is pretty hot... Maybe the trouble is there is no real "Traveller Style" to the artwork, a unity of design that establishes a "look" to it...

Hey, Whatever happened to Darlene Pekul?