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other rule systems

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by TWILIGHT:
Has anyone converted other rule systems to 2300AD? I use the RuneQuest system.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Of cause GURPS would be a logical choice, as Space 3ed will cover most of the tech, with G/Mecha or V2e used for the Walkers and vehicles.

However, I have recently (in the last month) been thinking of d20 for 2300, with a skill based combat system, and a two level skill system (advanced skills like medicine and piloting require a feat to allow access).

What would be the intrest in this on this board?

Well I like the 2300AD system and the original t2k system so I don't plan on converting. As for d20 I do not like WOTC or the system at all and refuse to buy the player handbook so any game that needs it I will not be using. If all goes well with Treveller d20 so that I can continue with the classic rules I may buy it but if I need to buy from WOtC I will have to settle for just the reprints.
What I would like is that once the reprints are done to see the game get new books based on the original system.
d20 sounds ok (Cthulhu d20 is selling well) not a fan of gurps really (much prefer cthulhu's BRP system, hence the RQ conversion). If you check pentapods site there is a GURPS conversion on there I think and a blue planet v2 conversion coming soon.
I'm running a 2300AD campaign at the moment, am currently moving it into using CORPS, as I like the mecanics of this system and it has excelent vehicle and weapon construction rules available. Another point in its favour is that task difficulties are eaasy to convert and the combat is more deatiled when things are close up and personal, though this may not be to everyones tast. Have considered running it using the Milleniums End rule system, but conversions arn't quite as easy
I've toyed for a while about doing a conversion using the Star Grunt II rules. Skill use would be pretty basic but not impossible.

I use customized MegaTraveller (the task resolution is nearly identical with 2300AD) with my own combat resolution house rules.
Why use other rules than 2300AD's own?

I am using 2300Ad for other games too, like Space 1889, Twilight 2000 and last Blue Planet (great game)
2300AD comes from the pre-generic era, so the rules were designed to reflect the setting and they do a good job of this. 2300AD definitely has my favourite task and combat systems. The skills could have had more variety, and I know that star system generation has moved on since 1986, but the game has a lot more flavour than GURPS etc., and apart from having to fudge head rolls with a DPV of anyhting over 0.1 for PCs I found it played pretty well.