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OTC - all worked out


OK, I've just got my THB after my LGS managed to sell out of the first batch of 8 copies immediately. I think I've got OTC worked out, but I'll put what I've got up here for comment.

There are two reasons for going to OTC as I see it:
1. You want to get some professional skills under your belt before joining up (e.g. engineering skills).
2. You're looking for an easy 'guaranteed' way to become an officer in your chosen service, but you still want to level up in the service class.

Reason 1 works because you can spend the XPs from OTC on any class you can qualify for (which could also be your starting 1st level class).

Reason 2 works because "If a character accepted into OTC graduates successfully, he or she will be automatically commissioned as an officer in their chosen service and earns a 1000 experience point bonus." Which to me sounds like they join the service BEFORE spending experience points gained at OTC - therefore allowing those points to be spent on the service class of their choice.

Now, is this a twisting of the words in the rulebook that will be limited to MTU, or is this more broadly the actual intent of the rules?
Huzzah! He hath his copy at last (and the THB carryin' throng grows by One more!)!!!

You are correct in both cases, and in your reasonings.

They will if OTC'd serve 1 term in the service they qualified for. (O-1). Must serve. Doesn't say they survivee or graduate that mandatory 1 term though...which would shoot down Xp's gained fer sure, and skills...but dems the breaks they say... ;) :D :cool:
OTC - a waste of a perfectly good potential NCO!

"What say you Sarge?"

"I say give me 20 you 'orrible little man!"

"Yes Sarge! Thank you Sarge!"



(listening to Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights on repeat does this to your mind...)
3...4..."LOWER!"..5..6..(puff-puff)..7..8..."I CAN"T hear You!!!!!!"...9..10...

IIRC, there are a lot of NCOes involved intraining a good officer. Good for enforcing standards they have to uphold, and keep in order to "lead by example". Tis a Pity half the buggers are only thinking of the paycheck and how they'll get back at all NCOes afterwards...sorry that was RL streaming in..

...18..19...20! Permission to recover RSM!

Ya only recover in th' Horspital! Get down!"..
As an additional bolster to point 2, I note that you don't do basic training if you go through OTC, which must mean that OTC allows you to acquire levels in the service class! (or should I be very afraid upon meeting a brand new OTC graduate?)

I might modify this for MTU, or at least for the Julian Protectorate's Star Legion, as I always rather like the way the MI in Heinlein's Starship Troopers book (NOT the movie) made it a requirement that officers be combat proved enlisted men first.
I don't know. Would attending and completing OTC count as your first term in service? Doubtful.

Unless I choose a service class for my 1st-level character, I don't think I should multiclass into a service class until I serve as my first term as an active duty personnel, not a cadet nor a university student.